r2s will help Womens’ Crisis Line to distribute emergency phones

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

R2S spoke with Ali at the Pdx Womens’ Crisis Line, and she said they will make 911-ready phones available. Cell phones nowadays under law remain 911-ready, even if the phone is not active.

We can also go to the restraining order office and ask for a phone. No questions asked.  Also they will make available an emergency hotel voucher in cases where an un-sheltered person has been assaulted.

Womens’ Crisis Line  does understand the fact that r2s is still organizing — from ground zero in a way — and they want to figure out how to support us. Both groups are conducting similar outreach in the un-sheltered community. All of us want to help in a way that we think they will be non threatening to the women.


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