moving on… by julie mccurdy

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

i gotta say that writing for street roots has been one of the more rewarding experiences of my life…they really do give the voiceless a voice-and they let me take you-with me -every step of the way of this  journey  from  getting to the streets -to learning how to live on them-to enduring them- from learning to laugh again and change that perspective-to  getting off of the streets-and into activism- so in essence you(yes you-the reader) and myself got to go through this together-which is much less lonely dont you think? they have been supportive the whole way-and have become people i consider friends which i do not say lightly believe that-it happened by accident along the way- it all started with an article-which in turn became a column-which in my case –set my life in motion in a phenomenally constructive way- it led me to activism which has become my passion- it taught me how to find my voice-and far more importantly it taught me how to listen and learn- it taught me that everyone in every walk of life has something of value to say-and can make a difference-wry grin -that’s a great deal to accomplish and they do this every day with tons of people- that is what happens when you give the voiceless a voice-or when you offer someone the dignity of self support through selling the newspaper…for myself that  first article– changed my life and its direction entirely-you see it  led to a column which led to forming an activist group-which participated with street roots and sisters of the road in the wrap protest in san fransisco- getting a radio show started(right 2 survive radio-kboo 6-7pm every second wednesday)   – along the way there was a book written and opportunities that i wouldnt have had otherwise-such as being allowed to participate in the empowered media video project (emvp) at sisters-where we learned how to make documentaries which can lead to social change-lol-sound frantic? it is-however it is a good frantic-its a case of currently having so many opportunities knocking at my door i can not do them all-so i am moving on- i have to give Joann and Isreal their props(no they dont do the things they do for props but they sure as shit have them coming) my life is a better place to be because they were in it-it is skyrocketing right now with opportunity and if they hadnt taken a chance none of this would have happened you know? i want someone else to get that same chance- i want someone else to get to feel like i do right this second-empowered and strengthened and validated and street roots did all that-i am -completely comforted with the thought that their lives will be as effected by the experience as my own has been-its amazing the things that can happen due to just one interaction-isnt it-and that is what this started out as-just an article – who knew? what? i am excited and on fire- because i get to do what i love -how many people get to say this?ever…..was it hard -hell yes-but i can honestly say that for myself  it has been worth it-another thing a whole lot of people dont get to say at the end of the day… i am blessed indeed-thank you for accompanying me on this journey….and of course….until we next speak………..brightest blessings to yourself and your own…….be well


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