Camp Pioneer – Redubbed Rising Phoenix

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Here’s the update:

The camp is up and running again. The police said that they will leave the campers alone for the time being. Campers are requesting these items from supporters:

-non perishable food
-camp stove (and fuel)
-2 X 4s
-pocket knives

People are welcome to stop by and say hello. The camp was very small when we went down but campers are expected to return now that the police presence is over. Also, with sweeps under the Belmont Bridge anticipated soon, we expect that a safe camping place in the city will attract many more people.

In addition to supporting campers, Right 2 Survive has a 2 members preparing to move into a home this weekend. If anyone has furniture that they would like to donate, we are specifically looking for 2 beds and a couch. They have hardly anything, so lamps, tables, etc are also very much appreciated.


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