Rising Phoenix Camp Facing Eviction Again

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The police visited the camp this morning and threatened to enforce an ordinance that prevents blocking a right of way – which they say is the “road” that the camp is currently using. Anyone who has been to the camp can clearly see that there is no road there. There are blackberry brambles and dirt paths. They say the neighbors are complaining. The “neighbors” are the Portland Water Bureau, and Portland Public Schools. They are situated in an industrial district, not a residential district. So, how can the city & police commissioner Sam Adams displace these people (most of whom are on waiting lists to get into housing, many of whom are struggling from health issues that make employment all the more elusive). Where will they go? What will they do?
If you have a piece of land that you are willing to lend them, or a church that could open up it’s parking lot or basement, while they regroup, and figure out where to go from here, in a city where being homeless makes you an illegal – where every act of survival – sleeping, cooking, shitting, building shelter – will endanger the few things you have, and your freedom. Where do we go? is the question I’ve heard at sweep after sweep… Do you have an answer for them.
If so – contact Right 2 Survive – r2spdx@gmail.com

  1. cerberus says:

    I would suggest forest park. And instead of concentrating everyone in a single camp build a network of small camps so you have something to fall back on after a sweep. Make sure the camps are far enough off the main road not to be seen by car patrols and the chance of discovery goes way down. Stop thinking like bums and start thinking like viet cong.

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