Portland Streets A Little Safer

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
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When R2S activist Julie McCurdy found out that a sexual predator, known to prey on homeless women and sex workers, was on the loose – she jumped into action,  organizing foot patrols to inform unhoused community members.

We are happy to report that Ronald Tarwater has been apprehended.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the foot patrols and donated to buy whistles.  We celebrate this small victory – though we know that the streets are still very unsafe for women, men and children who have no safe place to call home.

R2S continues to organize for the right to shelter, the right to sleep, the right to safety, and the right to self support!  Please join us in our efforts to decriminalize survival activities & to prioritize human needs in our city.

Contribute with your skills, talents, materials or money!!!!

  1. craig s ziegler says:

    Julie McCurdy I wish to thank right to survive for all the good work and efforts to put in to notifying people on the streets of Ronald Tarwater’s escape.

    Tarwater Was apprehended by the US marshals in Savannah Georgia. Marshal Dirk Aanderson and Tarwater’s Parole Officer Christine Jensen both played a critical role Tarwater’s capture. These are both good people within the system.

    Once again, I wish to thank Right 2 Survive.

    Thankyou, Craig

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