Attacks on unhoused Portlanders by Lisa Fay

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Many unhoused people live under the bridges in Portland.  They are under siege by the local cops as well as the sheriffs from Multnomah County.  However, there is a worse menace to the unhoused.  It’s the vans & trucks driving up to them and throwing rocks, drawers, branches, and other objects at them as they sleep.  8 people have been injured in the last two weeks.  One man is in the hospital having surgery to repair his nose and eye area.  A woman was hit in the head as she slept.  What type of insecure cowards do this to those who have lost everything?  I’m outraged that people’s small minds and petty thoughts control such violent actions.  This needs to stop today!!!


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