View from the streets

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Salaam Hometeam,

I Ibrahim have been walking the streets and visiting the community I love once more (the Houseless). To my disarray of understanding which I do need help with this one is Y but Y do this government set up a naive young somalia to blow up a xmas tree and spend thousand of dollars to make a statement of creating fear n this country, When the fear is within the gap between the house and houseless of social segregation . How is it that when some people of circumstances (poc) finally find a safe place to sleep the house people drive the white vans and or new black jeep 2 throw glass bottles and used furniture they no longer need at the houseless while they r asleep. This is total cowardice, how vulnerable r people when they r sleep. 8 people got assaulted 3 was traumatize and 1 was critically hurt n which he requires reconstructive surgery on his nose and eye cavity. This is an outrage ,preposterous and inhumane. what is b-n done about it, well last check those city officials who r sitting n there manby-panby offices said we’ll check n-2 it imagine that. On the other hand the clean and safe ,the city police have been joined by the multnomah county sheriff dept. to pester the houseless moving them from sleeping on the streets to no where. Where do we go now? is the question n the streets

Ma Salaam


Right 2 Survive


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