Criminalization and Racial Profiling

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

we are looking forward to the radio show wednesday. many of us are affected by the topic in many aspects of our life. hope to have a favorible response!and on another note we are supporting Tony, one of our own. who was racially profiled on the downtown streets of portland on nov.16th,2010. he’s a black man smoking on a street corner away from the bus stop. the white men and women smoking under the bus stop were not approached by the officer. nor were they asked to put out their smokes.more whites who know Tony came upon the scene smoking ,some on purpose to inact the officer to respond to their violating city policy of not smoking under the bus awnings.the officer didn;t have a comment for us. he acted as if there was no problem for us to smoke there.i guess what i’m saying is this:why should i as a white woman have more right to blatently break the laws in front of a cop and get away with it, and a black man who moved down to the corner away from the bus stop to not break the laws be appoached and profiled for doing the right thing?


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