Urgent appeal from Ibrahim

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Salaam Hometeam, I Ibrahim am put in a very oxymoronic situation. For the past 10 yrs I dedicated my life to an epidemic that continues to grow at an enormous rate.  An epidemic which separates families from families, friends from friends, and communities from communities.  An epidemic that widens the gap between the have and have nots, creating social segregation.  An epidemic called homelessness.

I have unselfishly denied my personal growth in the who’s who status.  I utilize my education and personal experience that I acquired from the higher learning institutions and from living on the streets, to help people in the houseless community and those who live in houses. My campaign is to unite and sew the rip that has torn this country apart, which causes social segregation. By educating  people with knowledge and understanding of lifestyles that are different from their social status. (Do we know which came 1st bums hobos or tramps?)

For the first time in ten years, I acquired funding for housing.  An agency called JOIN gave me six months of modest housing assistance to start.   As of last week I was told my funding had been cut off, due to lack of me finding employment. In my 54 years of life I’ve been called many things and names, and in all of my name calling I was never called stupid, dumb or ignorant.  We are in the middle of an economic crash and the jobless rate that is the highest in the country.  I was never told that I had to find employment within the six month period.
I am  affiliated with numerous different organizations, non-profit and grassroots alike. I am a co-founder of Dignity Village (a homeless tent city), and a now renowned grassroots organization called Right 2 Survive.  Right 2 Survive, or R2S, is a grassroots collection of homeless people, formerly homeless, and their allies. R2S is working to ensure that everyone can exercise their RIGHTS to sleep, to safety, to shelter, and to self support.  We also have a radio show on KBOO 90.7 FM, which goes into the houseless community to make the invisible audible, by interviewing them about the systemic abuses that perpetuate the epidemic of homelessness in the richest country on earth. Also we do direct action protesting of unjust laws that are imposed on people in this city/state/and country.  As a group, we also go to different cities and states giving teach-ins, lectures and doing interviews.

All of the work I do, I’ve done without monetary compensation.  I have been a full time unpaid advocate for over a decade.  Recently, a friend and fellow advocate told me he would give me $50 dollars toward January rent because he understands what I’ve been doing for the community.  It would only take a handful of people contributing to get me through this sudden blow, loss of funding from an agency that claims to support unhoused people through the transition.

Since I am facing homelessness due to my funding being cut, I’ll be combining my education and my street knowledge to give lectures on a monetary basis, so I can support myself.  While that’s in process, I ask for your monetary support to keep me housed this January.  Checks can be made out to the homeowner where I live:  Joseph Gabiou, and sent c/o Right 2 Survive Radio @ KBOO, 20 SE 8th Ave., Portland, OR 97214. 
Ma Salaam
Right 2 Survive


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