Exciting work being done!

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

  Its an exciting time for r2s,and a great time to be involved in our organization.We are making great strides in our efforts to imporve the lives of the homeless and rescently housed.The endeavers we are incompassing  will reach many and spread to more.Some of the projects in the fire are already to be implimented.The walks under the bridges are giving more insight to whats needed. Ways we can be of assistance is to have a phone tree when a situation accurs.Such as the brutial attacts and the resent post to evict from under the bridges and arrests.Blankets and personal care items are always needed. However if we can find a way to document some of the harrassments we will have a stronger leg to stand on.               

Also, we need poeple to go to city hall and speak on these issues. We have strong voices and have the right to be heard.Remember we put these people in office.They are no better than we are.Our fearless leader does most of this himself,but he should have people in the session with him to show there are many with the same oppinions.Many who want action to improve the community.I understand Wade and Leo were there today and had the usual bobble head response.they hear but are not listening.By going to committee meeting and hearings we are enabled to bring more informed ideas to our meetings.      

Though suggestions we have the potential to create actions,campaigns if we utilize them wisely.We are a skilled and intelligent group.All of us have unique talents and backgrounds that can be put into use.One may come from an upper class background,while one of us may have struggled all their life.Some of us never finished schooling while some have higher educations,etc.Uniqueness and diversity is what gives us our building blocks for our success.Diverse opinions are highly valued within our organization,don’t be afraid to speak your ideas. You are valued!      

Now on a lighter note. I am so pleased to hear about and see the newsletter taking off.We as an organization can use this as a tool in fundraising as well as keeping ourselves informed.The ones who took the initiative to get the letter up and running,Thank You!Even though I’m miles away @ the moment I’m still informed.   

“Squat The Musical” I hear that writing for the first scene is now under way.there is so much great buzz going on around efforts of all invovled.We have a very creative group full of talents on all areas.From thespians to tech support this will be a real successful production.I feel (know) this,cause I believe in each and every one of us.This is a concept that hasn’t been used yet.To expose the housing situation and show the struggles of daily live for the unhoused, we are going to rehumanize those of us still out here trying to carve out an existance.The need for affordable housing and the ill treatment imposed on us do to the many issues that brought us to the squat. Have we found a place for the performance? Keep us posted.

As for fundraising,Here is a suggestion.A letter writing campaign.Included in the short proposal a copy of the newsletter showing the works of the organization.

In a month or so we will be in the valintines day, then Easter season followed by mother’s day. Locations for tables and/or booths to do our grassroots fundraising need to be located. We need to put a shout out for anyone willing to assist us in our efforts to generate funds for r2s.We can do this!      

 Also we need to start a grant campaign. Anyone who knows of an oppertunity,site,or organization we can approach in our efforts to generate funds to continue our work in the community would be greatly appriciated.Suggestions are needed.We have many skills perhaps we can try for some grants based on our individual talents.Others based on the organization as a whole and what we want to accomplish. Anyone who has the ability to write a proposal or suggestion should bring this up @ our next meeting.

I have so much more I want to say,however I have rambled on enough for now. I feel the excitment in the air and wish I was there physically partaking in the activities.There is so much ideas and such strong personalities flowing through r2s right now. I want us to keep up the momentium!This is a fantastic chapter in all our lives and that of r2s.Great things are going to happen for us I know this.We are believers and people of action onward and upward we strive. I’ll end as I usually do remember there is power in numbers.    Power To The People….Let’s not beg for our Rights,Take them!…….Roar,Remember You have a Voice!                                                                

One Love

Lisa Fay

Member Right 2 Survive


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