“Homeless Bashing”

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Feb. 16th, 2011
I Ibrahim and Right 2 Survive’s Under the bridge crew went under the Morrision and Hawthorne bridge s.e. on yesterday as we do every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. What we found out was that the homeless bashing has not stop and they are tired of complaining to the police and city officals, due to nothing is b-n done. “Y” not? Do they really care about us? Do they really address our community with the same frame mind as they do those that r housed? When the housed are attacked or their women violated as ours has been.*is the women character question?

R2S found this out Tuesday, was that there are some people who just don’t like differences so they do stupid, dumb, inhumane things like urinating n bottles and throwing them on the ground,in the direction of the houseless people as they sleep. What cowards! preying on the sleeping. More new people are living on the streets with no inklin on who, what, where and how to do things or where to go for help. And get this, how long will it take to get help and how much help will they get or who is eledigble for help? The questions linger on.

Right 2 Survive under the bridge crew also found out some very interesting things. Due to lack of protection and more attacks on the houseless community they are, like said, (*a year ago, I went to the city counsel and tried to open up their eyes and enlighten them to the ongoing problem that exist n the homeless community,) Defending themselve! There were two stabbings one fatal and another just an open wound, All stemmed from no protection to the houseless protecting themselves. This should not b happening but how long will a abused dog lay doormat and get beat? Got a call this morning around three(3) o’clock ,that a homeless man got jumped by 5 housed people and with the help of bystanders he won, no need to report it huh. I wonder if they did?

The under the bridge crew of R2S will continue to go under the bridges and continue to hand out;
“Know Your Rights”, cards and fliers. We also will be talking with the houseless community that have no where to go, but under the bridges, on how we can get their voices heard to the public on whats really going on!

***Go under the bridges with R2S, every 1st and 3rd Tuesday. Meet at Sisters of the Road between 6pm and 6:15pm *** Tues. March 1st is our next time out!

  1. Ed Reichert says:

    It is unconcienable that we as supposedly an advanced technological democracy , who are so willing to coach other nations about the wonders of boursoise democracy allow such hyprocacy to exist . Great societies do not allow the mentally ill, phyisically handicapped, those sick with substance abuse problems , homeless veterans ,GLB in short anyone not an ambassador for the american dream . To allow these people to freese to death , endure assault , beg for change, all because of budgeting issues what good does it do to tell an out of work steel worker they have to lose their home to forclosure because we need to pay down the national debt? Everyone has the same right to survive !

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