“Drug Free Zones My Ass!”

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Ibrahim Mubarak


In 1992, the Portland City Council instituted a trespassing ordinance entitled Drug-Free Zones (DFZ) which sought to break up entrenched, visible markets for drugs in high-crime areas. If an individual was arrested for a a drug crime, he would receive an exclusion, banning him (what about her) from the neighborhood for 90 days.

Under the DFZ policy, arrestees who reappeared in the neighborhood of arrest were subjected to immediate re-arrest, having committed no crime at the time, nor necessarily having been convicted of the original arrest.

Now, in 2011, the city officials in Old Town/China Town Business Alliances call in the Drug and Prostitute Exclusion. This is unconstitutional, profiling and targeting.

Unconstitutional: How can you exclude the public from public property? What if you live in the area of your so-called “offense”? You can’t go home, causing you to be homeless.

Profiling: They say that all the African-American from the NE Portland go downtown to sell drugs and carry guns. Hum, well, I happen to be an African-American male from NE Portland last I checked. I don’t sell or do drugs. And note in 1st paragraph, it reads about banning him, what about her? Get rid of all the males and have dominion over the women (a practice the Egyptians use against the slaves).

Targeting: It is also said that the homeless and houseless are the ones that buy the drugs from the NE Portlanders. Well kiss my ankles, someone needs an enema. If that is the case then Portland must have some nickel and dime dope dealers.

R2S (Right2Survive) will be at City Hall this Wednesday, April 20th, 9:30 am, with Mike “D” addressing this matter. Come one, come all. We should have a ball with this one. “Drug-Free Zones, My Ass!”

  1. David K. Bailey says:

    I have been homeless for three and a half years, the actual drug issue doesnt bother me, its the trashin ujp the place, fights, injuries and damage to property that does. We should have the freedom to use, but the aforementioned side affects depict crossing others rights and boundaries.

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