R2S Workshop at Law and Disorder Conference

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Julia Smedley

On Sunday, April 17th, R2S gave a workshop on the “Criminalization of Survival” at the Law and Disorder Conference at PSU. Five members of R2S spoke about their experiences with regard to houselessness, survival and the legal system. Ibrahim talked about the unjust laws created to categorize and criminalize, such as the “Drug and Prostitution Exclusion Law,” which profiles and targets certain stereotyped segments of the population. Leo spoke about the ticket and fine for $350 he received for “trespassing” for sleeping in the park. If he does not pay this fine, he cannot get shelter or housing. Lisa considers herself an “economic refugee” who was downsized in her job until she wound up on the streets. She helped found the “Phoenix Rising” homeless encampment, and they are hoping for more members this summer. Ptery spoke about psychiatric issues, such as 1) interruption of sleep, 2) exposure to dampness and cold, 3) exposure to violence and PTSD, 4) shunning. Since therapy is not available, “treatment” recommended can be very controlling. Sidr spoke about being an ally and holding space to recognize talent in the community, direct action, and providing “solutions” with our own resources.

R2S panelists and supporters on "The Criminalization of Survival"

Power to the People!!!


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