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Dear friends: greetings from the men, women and children of



reminder from all of us at Nickelsville that our Pancake Breakfast

Fundraiser will be held this coming Saturday, May 7th from 8 to 11 am.

The location is Keystone Congregational Church, 5019 Keystone Place in

Wallingford. For more information, call 206-450-9136. All donations

are greatly appreciated.   An anonymous benefactor told us they would

match the first $500 donated!  That’s a lot of pancakes, so please

bring your friends too.

Last weekend was a wonderful one.  Saturday night there was a

performance in the Community Room (previously the main fire truck bay)

of IMPRINTS, by a Butoh Dancers’ troupe.  We would like to thank

Sherry Brown, Mary Cutera, Will Fredo, Joan Laage, Douglas Ridders and

Helen Thorsen for an excellent evening.

On May Day, we marched with our comrades in the May Day Parade for

Immigration and Labor Rights and not only renewed ties with old

friends from the labor movement but also made new ones.



Another City Council Meeting about Resolution #31292 will be on

May 11th from 2 to 4 PM.  That is when Councilman Licata’s Human

Services Committee will hear from Members of the Mayors Encampment

Panel.  Both Councilman Licata and Encampment Panel Members have

steadfastly focused on the emergency facing the thousands of Seattle

Citizens without shelter nightly, and the immediate value of

supporting Nickelsville.  Support them on May 11th if you can.

Jim Page and Joe Martin will be performing at 6:30 PM on Thursday

5/12/11 at Nickelsville.  The Black Cat Caravan will leave

Nickelsville for City Hall at 2:00 PM on Friday the 13th – we need you

desperately.  Last week we pleaded with the Council to speed up their

timeline – presently no action is planned until the summer.  On Friday

the 13th we will visit them to see if they are doing so.

We are planning to make this event go viral in real time so if you

cannot be there in person, follow us online and  pass it on to your

friends. Tweeters and pages covering the event will be announced

shortly. If you have a digital camera and are able to broadcast the

Black Cat Caravan in real time, please contact our organizer

Last but not least, since we will be moving from an indoor location to

an outdoor encampment, we need tarps, blankets and tents desperately.

Needed even more is plywood and 2 by 4’s so we can start building our

small simple sturdy sleeping structures.

Nickelsville’s contract at the Old Fire station 39 will be over on May

15th.  Join us one last time at #39 for either\both the 3:00 PM

Interfaith Service and the 5:00 PM Move.

(It was our hope that SHARE/WHEEL would be allowed to stop in and

operate a shelter there beginning when we move out.) Unfortunately,

word has it that the Mayor’s Office is seriously considering letting

the UGM occupy the location when we depart. We have tremendous respect

for the staff of the Union Gospel Mission but those of us who would

like to remain in the Lake City neighborhood are hoping that SHARE/

WHEEL would be allowed to set up a self managed shelter the model with

which are most familiar and which empowers us.

We are asking our friends to email his office as well as the City

Council and ask them to let the site continue as a self-managed and/or

staffed shelters to be facilitated by SHARE/WHEEL when we move out. We

believe that they have the best experience working with homeless

communities in a manner that is respectful, empowering and


Thank you, and please keep letting us know if you can help with either

the Move or the Black Cat Caravan – especially with transportation.

Our staff person can be reached at (206) 450-9136.

  1. Ptery Lieght says:

    Hurrah for our brothers and sisters at Nicklesville. These are are present day revolutionaries in action. These people are Dignity Village starters, though they named it Nickelsville in not so honorable for ex-mayor Nickels. They are self organised, have keen responsiveness, and have incredible perseverance, having been chased all over the city of Seattle, but stayed together!!

    Nickelsville Forever!!
    In Solidarity,
    Ptery Lieght, R2S member

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