Reflections on Pitch A Tent by Ibrahim Mubarak

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Pitch a Tent event drew well over 150 people.  Meaning houseless and our supporters.   I’m told that 80 plus slept in tents and sleeping bag.  I give a great big thanks to all that were involved and joined us in this special event.  There were a lot of supporters and if I name them all I might forget one so you know who you are and thanks for every thing. For the people that stop by to talk, bring food, tents, blankets, show movies, etc.etc.etc.

I was interviewed by numerous  news stations and independent media and news papers. I told them about the event & how it is legal to camp out once a year and illegal the rest of the year.  A thing of pleasure and fun not as a means of survival.   We all know that the city officals allocated 1.5million dollars from the water utillity bills to refurbish the rose festival head quarters (what to do with money for the homeless)?

It was good to see the sidewalk being shared with all types of social status’.   What I want to say ,what I didn’t say during my interviews was that I very proud of the homeless community and Seattle’s Nickelsville .  People are saying words like that was an awesome thing to do , historical event,  eyebrow rising messages and an awakening action, true that but really needs to be commented on was the fact we came together as one and we knew our rights and they (police ,city officals, businesses) couldn’t move or budge us.  This is what happens when you exercise our rights.  This is what Right 2 Survive do, we teach the houseless community their civil, human and constLEGAL CAMPING NOWitutional rights.   In fact the statement we should make is that NO more unjust laws should be passed and that all laws should be voted on by the public no matter what social status you fit under!!!!

  1. Anne T. says:

    R2S many supporters in Portland and beyond. Congratulations on a creative, powerful, fun event!

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