Fight! Fight! Fight! Housing is a Human Right!

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

On a sunny day in downtown San Francisco, a sea of signs being waved from at least 200 people, with the quote “House Keys Not Hand Cuffs”.  The gathering started at 10am with a pep talk from different organizations, ranging from New York to Los Angeles.  They had a massive lunch, and then we took it to the streets.

There, we the Houseless Congress met with other protesters.  We went to the Hyatt Hotel.  The workers there are organizing for a fair contract.  A song and dance was created for them to perform on the steps of the hotel, to the tune of Lady Gaga (Bad Romance).  “Our workers need health care!  And a fair contract!  This is a bad, bad hotel!!!”  You can see members of R2S, Trillium, Ptery, and Michelle, danceing.  Then we rallied on the steps for about an hour, where different speakers gave shout outs.

After that we danced, shouted, and blocked off two sides of the Charles Schwab building, stopping people for exiting or entering.  Charles Schwab is a significant part of why the sit/lie ordinance in S.F. was passed.  We went to talk to Chuck because he spent $412,000 to privatize the sidewalks.  Wow!  You know how many people could be housed with that?!

So, on we went to Senator Diane Feinstein’s office.  She is one of the elected officials who supported the sit/lie ordinance, and we saw her sitting down on the steps having lunch.  Well, well… who gets to sit and lie… people with money… hmmm.  This late time of the day I was tiring from fasting for the month of Ramadan, but the crowd was electrifying, especially at our next step – Wells Fargo Bank.

Again, people tried to get in and withdraw money, but the crowd of protesters was too thick.  we closed them down for about an hour.  Get this, Wells Fargo is taking homes away from families and putting them on the streets, making them part of the houseless community.  The police were getting tired, and they started shoving us.  At one time, the House Keys not Handcuffs banner was snatched out of the hands of Portland protester, Jason Kersten (Sisters of the Road and Homeless Against Homelessness in America).

The day came to a close with people being overwhelmed with satisfaction but hungry!!!  No one was hungrier than me, however, in solidarity they decided to break fast with me, and not eat until 8:30pm.  Talk about friends that stay together, fast together.

  1. If they cant give you water in the Las Vegas desert, who will give you water in Hell in the life here after?

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