October 10th – World Homeless Day!

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey everybody

October 10th has been declared World Homeless Day.  All over the world grassroots groups and charities are planning events and actions to draw attention to sufficient lack of housing and criminalization of people just for trying to find shelter and carry out survival activities.  Here in Portland, Right 2 Survive plans to demonstrate that there are alternatives to ignoring the problem or treating people like criminals.  There are creative, and low cost ways to support community members who are without housing.

More details to come!  We are searching for folks with tents to donate, screw guns, time or money to assist with this projects.  We’re gonna need some trucks too!  So, if this is something you can help with- contact r2spdx@gmail.com

We thank you!

  1. homeless i know what its like to be there ”
    if you can i only say look into helping if you can some time
    as of list of basic things for you to look at put your self at beeing homeless what do you have ,?
    for personal hygines, clothing footwear shelter seasons ect where can you get what you need & how what services are there for the homeless & the items you give do they give to ;? yes do they take it for them first then it out sell it to whom ? or do they do both i can say look hard first but give . hey you want to give fine i make sure that it goes out to the needed yes the homeless & whom may need it peter sbarbaro jr C/O 710 pueblo ave napa ca 94558t a example there is at least 2 programs that are for the homless
    in napa ca they call south napa shelter & winter shelter both are for the homeless but differnt rules are at at each i wont go in to details since it change it seems daily ? but i know that there is a program that help the homeless call the hope center 1301 fourth st napa ca for both programs there is a differnt ideas & help for the home less it run by staff that are doing all area at times i have used some of the programs to a point & wont go there with what i been thru because my idea may be differnt from yours on help once again yes you can help if you need to give listed is a mailing address that i left eith my name so send it to me i make sure that i goes out & yep i say it for you my homeless person. some one gave it to me to pass to you a thanks from you from them & me yep i had used many nicknames on they streets, past so ffrom many nicknames i used to you i give hand reciving & thanks for your support
    cash money orders all types of checks ect please us currency current & if nessary you send items please be noted that it must be new thanks also if you send gift cards for food it can be safeway luckys raileys food 4 less winco costco target walmart big 5 ross dress for less ect like that if you need to lete me know that you need i recived it my cell is
    1 707 294 3540 using a metro pcs type devisce for serrvices sorr if i dont get back toy you
    one that my phone is not proper working tes the speaking part i can speek in to to talk to you is not working but i can recive pic text voice mail ect & also that i wont know you & your number thanks if you leave a message please be kind you know what to say is im helping sent items on ? please look for it aprox ? thanks current nickname on the street is grandpa OR grandpap when i hand out it changes grandpa or grand pap to ????????????? depening on who i give it to ^ & ^ there are reason why

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