Right 2 Survive News Letter for May 1, 2012 Editor: Mamie Gathard

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By: Tia Ann Isadora Smith
My name is Tia Ann Isadora Smith I became houseless in 2004 with my mother and little brother. We became houseless because of my mother’s addiction. We lost our home because, mom couldn’t pay rent. We lived with family and friends and family again. Then one day my family had enough and kick us out. We lived in door ways and under bridges. Where ever we found safe and warm but at times, we couldn’t sleep safe due to noise, and people bothering us, or moved by the police.
Times were tough for me because, I had to be strong not only for me but for my little brother. I had to make sure I didn’t make mom more stressed it was hard enough living out side. Kids made fun of me because I didn’t have clean cloths or shoes. Couldn’t afford school supplies and we didn’t ask for them. My mom tried her hardest to take care of us the best way she could.
We struggled with places to eat, shower, or help. Had no place to studied and keep our grades up. Living out side is hard enough. If I didn’t eat at school then we hardly ate, all the food places that served were closed. We got to them late due to our long travel back and fourth by foot. The corner stores didn’t have a microwave or they were closed to get food. We tried to get into shelters but my little brother was to old to be in the shelters. Not enough room, a waiting list, or no services at all.
My father was in and out of jail so that didn’t help. My mother couldn’t find a job because by the time we got to school and she dropped us off she had to turn back around to get us due to limited transportation. Also at times we didn’t even go to school due to no bus fair. We struggled with many things, 6 months of living on the streets we finally got into a place and my mother became clean and sober.

~~Quote of the month~~
Greater then the tread of armies is an idea whose time has come. ~ Victor Hugo

By: Ibrahim (Bud Clark or Bud Court)
On October 6th a new low income shelter was open for the houseless people. It was suppose be an affordable people place where people with low income to no income can live. However they will be allowed to drink and do drugs while they reside there. Since the new Bud Clark Commons, opened up there has been numerous overdoses. Is this a really safe new model that the City of Portland want to show the state and rest of the country? It is also known to only allow people who receive SSI/SSD to live there. Wow, is this what housing is becoming.
Now, that it has been open for about seven (7) months. Without notice to the public or the public a chance to vote no! The city will be putting a Houseless Court for a trial bases in the BCC building. Houseless Court is going to be a part of the Judicial System where houseless people will be tried. However, they will be set up to only pled guilty. Where they (the houseless) will be directed to do free community work, like working in the streets picking up trash or wiping off graffiti. This will come by giving the houseless people citations for sleeping on the streets, or pan handing etc. Another hidden but seen pattern, another way to criminalize and signs of oppression again in their actions. See what I mean! On May 4, 2012, we of Right 2 Survive/ Right 2 Dream Too will be filling up the New Houseless Courtroom, to monitor the process. We can address the wrongs that are being imposed on the houseless. If you can, we at R2S and R2DToo would like for you to join us. How would you like to come home from a hard day of doing some positive things to a court system in the very building you live in? Hum, makes u wonder…..

We Won’t Be Divided: May Day March and Rally
May Day March and Rally was International Workers Day, with full of actions around Portland, Oregon. The actions started early in the day, as 500 gathered at Woodlawn Park in North Portland. Portland Liberation Organizing Council (PLOC). The Black Working Group and We Are Oregon marched to Alicia Jackson’s house which was foreclosed by Wells Fargo Bank. Ms. Jackson was intimidated by the bank without the chance to pursue every option. “We support our neighbors” signs all around. Now realizing that she had the support of her community, she decided to move back into her home.
Here is some of the organizations that came out today in support for the workers: VOS, R2S, Carpenter‘s Union, Earth Peace, Jobs with Justice, Sister of the Road, Working Families, WE ARE OREGON, R2D2, Good Grief America, Aural Organizing Project, Decolonize Portland, and HAHA. There was hundreds of more people and organizations who came out in solidarity, even in the rain, for another rally and march.
We started out in South Park Blocks. While we waited to start, people gave speeches, played music, asked for donations, and had tables with info you could take with you. One group had red balloons to give to people for their support to the Workers movement that had there name on them.
We had a few stops along the march, in front of Wells Fargo, City Hall, the Jail, and at Right 2 Dream Too. Glad I was apart of this May Day March and Rally. We got to the rest area, we had two Dreamers speak: Shelby and Mark H., Great, awesome job you two! I did not know that we have a lot of supports for the rest area. The final stop of the march was at the square. Everyone danced and cheered. Guess I learned something today.

By Shasta S. (Public Safety Advisory Committee)
On April 25, 2012 at the Public Advisory Committee, talks about surveillance cameras are in Portland. The discussion was about cameras in businesses and the city would be paying for them. The business owners would be free from any liability. Some of the businesses like the idea. Area business and officers would be able to monitor the video by there Smart Phone. Commissioner Dan Saltzman, expressed concern about the camera’s possibly being used to look into personal residences. Portland Chief Reese, back to the drawing board, works on proposal and added surveillance cameras in Oldtown.


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