Right 2 Survive News Letter June 5, 2012 Editor: Art Rios Sr.

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2 Annual Pitch A Tent (The Houseless Strike Back)

Last year Right 2 Survive invited their friends, allies, supporters to pitch tents alongside houseless community members on the parade route in protest. The protest was not aimed at the parade, but the practice of allowing others to pitch tents for survival. The event was a great success. We counted about one hundred and eighty participants and about one hundred people stayed to spend the night. We were entertained by the Radical Cheer Leaders, a puppet show, street musicians, and video projected on the wall by the Bmedia collective. There was plenty of food for housed and unhoused folks alike, and the Rose Hip Medics Collective made sure everyone’s health needs were tended. 

This year, Right 2 Survive is asking folks to come out to Pitch A Tent 2-The Houseless Strike Back, named inspired by our friends at Right 2 Dream Too (R2D2). Right 2 Dream Too is a safe place for over 60 people to sleep each night. R2D2 is located on the corner of 4th and West Burnside, which opened on World Homeless Action Day, October 10th 2011. However, this self managed rest area for people without housing is being labeled a “recreational campground” by Dan Saltzman’s Bureau of Development Services and fined over 1,000 dollars each month simply for existing.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Contact your city officials and tell them to support alternatives solutions including self managed rest area, eco-villages, collective housing, and tent cities. Demand that our city put an end to ordinances that criminalize people for survive activities.

Contact your City Officials at: http://www.portlandonline.com/index.cfm?c=28533

The phone numbers are at this link to contact the Mayor and Commissioners of Portland, Oregon’s City Hall.

Contributing by: Leo Rhodes, Trillium Shannon, Michael Moore, Mike Dee, Ann T.


Paint a Door with the Unions 

On June 2, 2012 at 1pm we had a paint a door party with the Unions. About 10 people came out from different Unions, to show there Solidarity with Right 2 Dream Too. Mama Chewy, gave a few minutes to speak about R2D2. Ibrahim M. had given a tour inside a spoke more about the rest area to the Unions. Look at the work that was done by these Unions, GREAT WORK ALL!!! 

Unions who came out and showed their SOLIDARITY: Portland Stagehands 28,  IUPAT Local 10 Laborer’s Local 483  Image

By Mamie Gathard, picture by Mamie Gathard 

Come down to Right 2 Dream Too and come paint a door for $100 donation. This helps us take care of our daily needs for the month, electric, garbage, port-a-potty, etc…   


Contact us: R2SPDX@GMAIL.COM

FACEBOOK: Right to survive 




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