Right 2 Survive News Letter May 22, 2012 Editor: Art Rios Sr.

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Following the Money:
Portland Development Commission’s broken promises….

What is the PDC? Founded in 1958, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) is the urban renewal agency and economic development agency for the City of Portland. Developments who build in Urban Renewal Areas get huge property tax breaks for decades, in exchange for their contribution to Portland’s “development” But who does this really benefit?
MYTH: PDC and City officials assure us that the tax breaks are worth it, because business growth and job creation more than make up for whatever revenue we lose in taxes.
FACT: A recent League of Women Voters Report explained that in just one year (2011) statewide Urban Renewal tax breaks took $34.4 million from City of Portland services and $24 million from the Multnomah County budget.
What about affordable housing? In 2006, the City Council passed a resolution that requires the PDC to spend 30% of all Urban Renewal funds in Portland on affordable housing. Yet over and over again, Urban Renewal areas are declared and affordable housing gets shorted.
FACT: The South Waterfront (what some like to call ‘So What?) development was supposed to include lots of low-income housing units.
MYTH: The city is doing everything it can to build affordable housing for low income residents.
FACT: Housing for low income people is scarce. Yet in 2006-07, the City invested $14.7 million dollars in Headwater Apartments, which according to the Oregonian “serves people making up to $97,000 a year, or 150 percent the median-family income for a family of three. Officials prioritized the 5-year-old project as workforce housing for moderate and middle-income residents.” none of the money went to low income housing.
Knowledge is power and unity is our strength! Watch for more updates on the PDC and Urban Renewal. The Occupy Portland Labor Solidarity Committee is creating a People’s Budget, one that reflects the needs of the 99% in Portland. Let’s see Right 2 Survive support this effort. Contact Anne annet934@yahoo.com or leave a message at R2D Too if you want to be involved.
By: Anne T.

Coordinated Citizens to End Homelessness (CCEH)
CCEH met on Wednesday, May 16th, in the Bud Clark Commons. The once a month meeting consist of agencies from around Portland. The mission is to end “homelessness” within 10 yrs. CCEH is in it’s 7th, year. While it is no where near the goal, they continue to gather and pat each others backs for the help and services they extend to a few.
The meeting had results of surveys they compiled within the past year. One was on “TANF,” another was the “Action for Prosperity,” survey. It showed how combining workforce training, skills building, financial assistance, and case management work together to bring people that are homeless to a place of stability.
It’s the third survey I want to inform people about. This was complied in April, 2012. Out of the people surveyed only 3%was homeless at some point. The top 3 priorities were metal health, healthcare, and affordable housing. This was not a surprise. What was a surprise came on question #6. What gaps or unmet needs do you in our current system? How should we address them? Answer:” Respondents identified a host of system gaps ranging from lack of resources, to the need for creative low-cost solution for those who spend each night outside, like car-camp or Right 2 Dream Too, to need for additional truly affordable housing. “They continued to list 9 things we all have been asking for all along.
Surprise! CCEH, the social services who make up most of this group knowledge’s that R2D Too, a low cost alternative for the homeless, and no-cost to the city, published results of this survey for all to read. They haven’t openly admitted before that Right 2 Survive is doing a good thing for the houseless community with effects running Right 2 Dream!
By: Lisa Fay

Shop and Compare: Building vs. Tent
May 16, 2012 @ 5:05PM There is a call, about a major commotion going on at the Bud Clark Commons. I arrive at the corner of NW 6th and Hoyt. First thing I see is there is a SWAT Van, numerous police cars, undercover cars, a make shift command center. The word on the street is a man is holding folks hostage in the front lobby. I start asking a folks more questions, and it’s the same from one lady; not sure what’s happening, just walked up. I asked one of the officers, I can not talk about it right now. I walk around the building to speak to other folks. This is what I see at the front door of the Bud Clark Commons. A bunch of officers trying to get in the front door. I hear others and it’s the same conversation amongst them. A man went into the BCC around 3pm, due to no services were going to be provided to him at that moment. The man went outside and was getting mad and moments later he returns back into the BCC with a knife.

At 5:30pm the police are able to get in and apprehend the suspect. There was a total of 16 police officers and 2 EMT’s went in and assist the police with any harm that may have came from his arrest. He was strapped down to a gurney with handcuffs. They put the suspect into the back of the ambulance and strapped him in. Overheard them talk about taking him to a hospital.
Now to R2D Too an outside rest area were people come get 12 hours of safe and undisturbed sleep on any day or night. Bud Clark Commons and R2D Too, both been open almost the same time with 6 months plus. The difference is that there is disturbing numbers with BCC vs. R2D Too. BCC housing 100 plus, R2D Too helps 80 people a night (No money from the city to operate). Police, emergency, Cheers, and Project Response calls, BCC too many to count, R2D Too, 6 (3 calls to EMT and 3 calls to Project Response) Calls for overdoses at BCC has been about 7 (talk on the street) R2D Too zero yes none at all how educating. Make your own assumptions about BCC and R2D Too, come take a tour and find out who is willing to give you the truth about what’s going in the neighborhood.
Right 2 Dream Too also educates the houseless about their human, civil, and constitutional rights. By: ARSr.


Contact us: R2SPDX@GMAIL.COM
FACEBOOK: Right to survive
PHONE: 503-839-9992


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