Hasan Salaam Visits Right 2 Dream Too

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Feb 28, 2013

Hasan Salaam visits Right 2 Dream Too Emcee and Educator, NJ Musician and Organizer.  Hasan has been on a lecture tour in the Pacific Northwest educating  people of black culture and black resistance.  His lectures series “From Spirituals to Hip Hop” along side our one and only beautiful Walidah Imarisha.  Imarisha is a writer, educator, organizer and performance poet.  She has taught in the Portland State University’s Black Studies Department, Oregon State University’s Women’s Studies Department and Southern New Hampshire University’s English Department.  Special thanks to Walidah for organizing and bringing Hasan to the Pacific Northwest.

Hasan took a quick but memorable detour from his lectures to visit Right 2 Dream Too.  Many eager dreamers were awaiting his arrival.  One dreamer asked “Will he perform something for us?” Me: If you ask him I’m sure he will….”(she did ask… to be continue later below)

Lisa started off the tour explaining the rules and security.  We showed him the kitchen, where Marty explained his love for cooking and taking care of the dreamers’ stomachs.  We then showed him the learning center, donation center and dreamers’ area. Lastly, we took him to our famous wall of doors.  Hasan also purchased a door and will have an artistic friend come and paint it for him. We will keep you posted on the pics of that soon.   We ended up in front of Right 2 Dream Too where Hasan performed a few of his songs. Hasan performed a song called “Someplace” off his Children of God album which talks about gentrification and finding a place to call home.

“I’m looking for somewhere to go

Someplace that feels like home

Something I could call my own

I need some Peace of mind”

Lastly, the event ended with Clarence and Hasan performing a duet together. Our amazing friend Anne Lafleur said “A highlight for me was when Clarence and Hasan did a duet outside R2DToo to music out of my car stereo. Too much fun. Oh and seeing Jason in a suit. That was good too. Wish I had my camera.”

Hasan signed autographs before having to run to his next lecture at Lewis and Clark College.

We want to thank Hasan for stopping by and helping with the movement. Continue to do what you do and continue to be a blessing in the community. We wish you the best and hope to see you again in the near future.  Stay tuned for the interview soon.

Facebook.com/HasanSalaamMusic | Bookings: dj.sav.one@gmail.com http://HasanSalaamMusic.com | https://twitter.com/HasanSalaam


  1. This was the grand finale to an incredible day .. so much fun. Hasan’s magnificent energy resonated with everyone, generating a lot of joy and love to be shared. So many beautiful souls!

  2. Amber Dunks says:

    This guy is awesome so glad he came by! Also love the way the name “learning center” is catching on gives me hope that momentum will build that way>

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