Come Join Us Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign
By Lisa Fay
On the second Saturday of each month, a group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds come together to work as a coallision to create a “Houseless Bill of Rights,”bill. As members of the houseless community and/or work in the social justice fields, we believe the time is right to create legislation that would stop making people criminals for caring out basic human needs. Some of these needs include safe and adequate places to sleep, bath, & use the rest room.  Other issues we are addressing are; The right not to be profiled by police for appearing homeless, The right to a public offender if one is ticketed for sleeping outside or sitting in public spaces,& The right not to have our property searched when stopped by police.
If those topics aren’t of interest for you maybe the next ones will stir you. The right to keep your children, The right of children to stay in the same school. To not be discriminated on by property owners for obtaining housing because you are currently houseless. What about employment? Employers can not refuse to hire you or while employed can’t fire you because you have lost your housing status.
Have I got your interest now? Come down to Sisters of the Road on 6th and NW Davis, at 1:30pm on the second Saturday of each month, is a general orientation and the meeting are held form 2-4 pm. SOTR, Dignity village, Right 2 Survive, Right 2 Dream Too, and Street Roots along with members of the houseless community, students from Portland State university and WRAP out of California are working hard to propose a bill to Oregon legislators the we believe we can get past into law. Here is your change to help decide how the houseless are treated. Learn, Listen, Get Involved! How do you want the future to look like? Equality, Solidarity, Oppression Free?!
  1. jay rotramel says:

    I applaud your efforts. Once again congress has patted themselves on the back for “saving the government”. As the “State of Homelessness” continues to be the fastest growing state in America. (now surpassing the state population of Wyoming. ) This is the only minority that it is not only OK to dicriminate, but it is encouraged. I would not only like to see a “Homeless Bill of Rights” but representation in Congress…(1) Congressman (2) Senators just like the other simularly sized states. Of course the election laws would have to be altered to allow people without a home to vote. Who said “Jim Crowe” was dead?

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