The Return of the Sit/Lie Ordinance

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Portland business alliance has opened up the old side/lie ordinance and has taken it to legislative. The sit/lie ordinance was enacted in 2007, set to sunset in June 2009. It was subsequently extended by 6 months, but during this extension was ruled unconstitutional by Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Bushong on June 19, 2009, who found that it was “preempted by state law,” because “it prohibits conduct permitted by state law, and that’s not permitted under article 11, section two of [the] Oregon Constitution.” The police subsequently ceased enforcing it and the law sunset.

HB 2963 is its new name and it would let cities develop their own rules about sidewalk  usage and could provide an opportunity for the Portland Business Alliance to return to City Council to broker new rules. 

Even though the bill introduced by the Portland Business Alliance (PBA) to exempt sidewalk regulation from state laws wasn’t initially voted out of committee, it recently did receive a _unanimous vote_ from legislators. It headed to the House and was voted on 57-2 for the bill.

Lets all send thank you emails to Michael Dembrow < Sara Gelser who voted NO to HB2963.  Now it is in the senate.  

Executive director of downtown clean & safe and vice president of downtown services for the Portland Business Alliance Lynnae Berg stated that HB 2963 will “provide the opportunity for the community discussion about creative solutions to the management of sidewalk conflicts.”

The million dollar question is What is the city planning on doing? Who will be at the table of communication? And why are we not invited? Right 2 Survive works with the houseless on a daily basis. We know and understand what will help and hurt the houseless community. Where would the houseless go? The shelters are filled. There is more and more budget cuts. Why will they be criminalized for something that is out of their control?  

Another question we have…. it may also be a million dollar question. Why do we have to have a bill in order to open up communication about the sidewalks?

We are asking for you support and solidarity. We will fight this. We have a committee working on this. If you would like to be involved email We will let you know what needs to be worked on.


Follow the bill:


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