Oregon Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (OCHH) May 2, 2013

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Oregon Coalition on Housing and Homelessness Annual Conference


MAY 1 -3, 2013 Hood River, Oregon

Right to Survive Members Ibrahim Mubarak and Sophia Kinhnarath went to speak to at the OCHH on May 2, 2013 Their presentation was on 

Empowering the Voiceless:
Homeless Leadership: This section went through how to empower homeless community to
speak up for their legal, constitutional and civil rights. Learn how laws and regulations affect
the community and how as a group we will combat the conflicts and how to see a future
without homelessness. Presentation included examples of Right 2 Survive, Right 2 Dream
Too and Dignity Village.

When asked how it went Ibrahim Mubarak said, ” I have an oxymoron view about it because in most of those events you have agencies that don’t have the grassroots aspect with the people and the everyday knowledge and experiences that goes though. They can’t understand.” The event has many organizations that with houseless community, but  the organizations are only understanding and having one type of houselessness. such as organizations working with just youth or dhs or seniors. They don’t have organizations such as Right 2 Survive who have all aspects of backgrounds coming through. So as an organization we have to learn about all different type of people, different rights and laws that affect the houseless community. The houseless community includes pretty much everything because there isn’t one type of houselessness. This is what Sophia Kinhnarath had to say about the event, ” It was interesting. The organizations comes from a different perspective of where they want statistics, wanting to know how Right 2 Survive operates. When told we teach and empower them and don’t discriminate on their past then wait and sees what outcomes comes out. I don’t believe the organizations understand that concept or believe if you give people the opportunity to empower themselves, make their own decisions, they will take that empowerment and change their lives.”  We are not saying Right 2 Survive is a perfect organization or a model organization that is going to work for everyone. It works for those who want it to work and who want to speak up for themselves, their human, civil and constitutional rights. 




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