Portland Spirit Award 2013

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

We want to thank Commissioner Fritz for the Spirit of Portland award. Over the last two years we have worked very hard to build an organization, colloraborate with the city and develop resource and connects that will allow an easier connection between houselessness to permanent housing.

The Spirit of Portland Awards recognize local individuals and organizations who have demonstrated an outstanding dedication to positive change in our community. Award winners are those who have not only worked to improve the community, but who have also gone above and beyond a dedication to civic engagement in order to make a lasting impact.

Award winners are chosen from nominations submitted by fellow Portlanders by a selection committee of representatives from the Commissioners’ offices, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Neighborhood Associations and other diverse community organizations. The Mayor and each Commissioner also selects special award winners to recognize specific works and achievements.

Here is a list of winners. Congratulations to all.

Neighborhood Association of the Year
Mt. Scott – Arleta Neighborhood Association

Business Association of the Year
North-Northeast Business Association’s Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Run

Community Harmony
Midge Purcell with Urban League of Portland

Community Stewardship
Mark Lewis with PPS Ockley Green School

Emerging Community Leader
Pedro Moreno with Verde

Sandy Diedrich Environmental Stewardship Award
Neighborhoods Community Garden

Independent Spirit
David Hampsten with Hazelwood Neighborhood Association

Outstanding Partnership
Operation 305

Outstanding Organization (Non-Profit)
Friends of Gateway Green

Outstanding Organization (For-Profit)
Dennis’ 7 Dees

Commissioners’ Awards:

Mayor Hales Award
Last Thursday Clean Up Dance Party

Commissioner Fish (Individual)
Steve Weiss with Elders in Action

Commissioner Fish (Individual)
Briggy Thomas with the City of Portland Water Bureau

Commissioner Fritz (Organization)
Right 2 Dream Too

Commissioner Fritz (Individual)
Mary Ann Schwab

Commissioner Novick (Organization)
Disaster Relief Trials

Commissioner Novick (Individual)
Haven Wheelock with Outside In

Commissioner Saltzman (Organization)
CASA for Children

Commissioner Saltzman (Individual)
Israel Bayer with Street Roots

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

—-Mahatma Gandhi


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