Round Table Discussion at Transitional Projects

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

On Novmeber 12, 2013 a round table discussion took place at Transitional projects. The goal of the round table was to discuss the topics of

Should shelter be a funding priority?

· Do we have enough shelter?

· Is shelter an effective program for moving people into housing?

· Are our shelters located in the right places?

The Meeting started off on an off note when Dikweed a member of Right 2 Dream too was asked to leave the meeting because he was accused of wrong doing at TPI. He left but not alone Members and allies of Right 2 Dream too also left with him. A discussion was made and everyone was let back into the meeting. Dikweed’s opinion on the discussion was ” It’s difficult to sit in a room with a group of academics who don’t understand the issues of homelesness, but have been “tashed” with the job/money to find the solutions. I would like to point out that these institutions have failed to keep up with the demands of homelessness (through little faults of their own) and that it is time for society to look at creative alternatives housing solutions. 100% of Federal/State money is going to these institutions and they are unable to meet the demands. Low-cost alternatives that could benefit from this money. What could Right 2 Dream too do with 2 to 3 million dollars?”

Panel Speakers
Stacy Borke, housing director for Transition Projects

Robert Day, commander for Central Precinct for Portland Police Bureau

Jean DeMaster, executive director for Human Solutions

Sally Erickson, ending homelessness program manager for Portland Housing Bureau

Alexa Mason, public relations specialist for Portland Rescue Mission

Bobby Weinstock, housing advocate for Northwest Pilot Project

One critic (out of a lot of critics) The question and answer discussion was very short and there was not a lot of unanswered questions. A lot of the people impression about the round was it was going to be a discussion group of different peoples opinions on how to solve the houseless epidemic. However, a lot of people felt that feel short in the meeting. A lot of statistics was given but no follow up actions to start a dialogue of what is needed in this community. We will see what is next for the round table discussion. If there is another one.

future of shelter flyer 11.4.13

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