Letters to the Editorial.

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Right 2 Dream Too 

From 2007-09, homelessness exploded. With predatory lending schemes, non-living wage jobs, barriers to employment, foreclosures and austerity in this country, where do you put those American refugees? Housing budgets and social services were cut and there isn’t enough shelter to go around.

Caring about homelessness has become quite popular, but “faith without works is dead.”Right 2 Dream Too is doing work in good faith. All of us would otherwise be swept, arrested, harassed and sleep-deprived. We provide a safe place where organized security watches the less secure, so they can get the rest needed to find and sustain employment, housing and medical care.

There have to be functional interim resources for the existence of the human being. Moving human beings from one place to another via police sweeps is ineptly counterproductive. Supporting cost-effective, successful solutions like Right 2 Dream Too makes sense.

Brad Gibson
Northeast Portland
Gibson is a Right 2 Dream Too board member.


We Need to Stop Blaming, Find Solutions!

Portland Rescue Mission has been at 111 W Burnside since 1954.

1937 is when Union Gospel Mission came to 15 W Burnside.

2007 is when the Life Change Program Started at 3 NW 3rd Ave.

This points to a systemic problem, rather than one created by one particular group.  How can a group that has done nothing but help houseless people people get a good night’s sleep be responsible for a situation that’s occurred in Old Town since before even our oldest member was born?  People becoming houseless is not a particular shelter or social service network’s fault.  Houselessness has almost as many causes as there are houseless people.  Right 2 Dream Too is simply responding to a need.  They strive to make the community safer, not only for the unhoused but for the housed, business owners, and business patrons as well.  Crime has actually gone down at the 4th and Burnside location. If you can get the opportunity to view a more detailed log of crime stats from that block, you will see that the calls have been from other locations.

Finger pointing and blaming is not going to solve the houseless issue, as James Huffman has done in his opinion piece from November 10.  Affordable housing and true systemic change to address the root causes of homelessness, WILL.  Getting educated on how to truly help, WILL. Coming together as a community and offering real viable solutions is a very important first step.  Right 2 Dream Too is not the only solution by any means, but as we are 9 years into a 10 year plan to end homelessness and no solutions are forthcoming from the Coordinated Committee to End Homelessness, its probably the best in the meantime solution we have.

Amber Dunks




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