Comics for Change

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Comics For Change is a new series of mini-comics from the Portland-based nonprofit Know Your City (KYC) highlighting the work of ten community organizers in Portland. For this follow-up to the Oregon History Comics series, KYC brought together a group of writers and artists to create profiles of activists working on a diverse range of causes from homelessness to LGBT rights. Even longtime Portlanders will probably learn something new from the series.

A woman who started a self-empowered soup kitchen for the homeless. A man who never stopped advocating for the African American community. A group who fights to protect Oregon forests from logging corporations. These stories have one thing in common: they celebrate people who are making Oregon a better place for everyone.

Featuring the stories of these community heroes:

Alex Brown
Polo Catalani
Walter Cole
Dan Handelman
Cheryl Johnson
Paul Knauls
Ibrahim Mubarak
Genny Nelson
Kathleen Saadat
Wilbur Slockish
Comics for Change! collects 10 excellent mini-comics in one box set by some of Portland’s best comic writers and illustrators, including:

Anne Marie DiStefano
Amy Harwood
Lauren Hudgins
Christen McCurdy
Douglas Wolk

Ryan Alexander-Tanner
Asher Craw
Hiller Goodspeed
Laura Heit
Jonathan Hill
Hazel Newlevant
Terrance Nowicki
Jesse Reklaw
Natalie Sept
Khris Soden

Whether you’re a die hard activist or have a new interest in social justice and art, you’ll be inspired to learn more and take action from Know Your City’s Comics for Change!

Pick up your book at Powells Book.







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