Ibrahim Court Date

Posted: April 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Ibrahim Mubarak had his court date this Friday at 9am at Multnomah County Circuit Court, 1021 SW 4th Ave, just north of City Hall. Ibrahim, co-founder of Right 2 Dream Too, was arrested February 27 under the Burnside Bridge for not getting on the sidewalk during a regular outreach walk with other members of Right 2 Survive.

Police arrested Ibrahim, as other Right 2 Survive members filmed Portland police harassment of the Houseless sleeping under the Burnside Bridge following a Thursday night feed. 


Here is some questions and updates on what is happening: 

Where are you at in the court hearing?

We are going to pick a jury on June 9th and follow up and go form there on this trial. This trial will go on for two days.


Why are you going through with the court hearing?

I’m going through with the trial because I believe the houseless community in general do not know their rights or if they do they are afraid to speak up for themselves because they know tint he past nothing can happen. I’m not doing this as an individual to put me on the spot but to put the whole system on how the police and city officials attack the houseless community. Even if I lose this will show that we need to stand up for our rights. The power to be and police departments target and profile as nothingless. We are something. We are somebody. 

Why is it important to you?

It’s important to me because we are the fastest growing social status in this country. We are bring misused, mislabeled and abused. This is what right 2 survive goes out to do educate people for their civil, human and constitutional rights. If I don’t stand up or right 2 survive doesn’t stand up and make an example then who will stand up. Especially, if we are teaching them. We are not teaching to teach, but to be examples and to exert them. And to not fall under mass incarceration system that is going on now. 

What outcome do you see happening?

The outcome is to bring awareness not only to the houseless community, the activist community and anarchist, but to the general public and police. We are going to stand up and fight for our rights. To show people who are in the visible community who have rights where as we who are invisible do not have rights. I would also like to implement the Homeless Bill of Rights. Not saying we have different rights but the same rights are those who live in a house.

We are all humans. We need to be treated as human with dignity. Treat people with the constitution of this land. 

How does what you are doing help in the movement your are struggling for?

It helps in the movement, Right 2 Survive and Right 2 Dream Too thrust to the leadership of the houseless community. We have to  sacrifice ourselves in order to get things done. If we stand and tell people to do this and to do that they look at us and say what are you doing?  We have to go through the same thing, experience the same thing, so we can speak about he same thing and have the knowledge of the same thing. 


Lets chat; As we were leaving the Court House yesterday 4/25/2014 , my court has been set for 6/9/2014 at 9 am. We saw a houseless person being harassed by the Portland Police. They were asking him where he get the two bikes he had. I suppose he told them the truth. he bought one and the other was a friend of his that he was going to fix. So the Portland Police did what they do they check to see if both were stolen. They came back clean. Now this is the part that I want everybody to pay close attention to. after questioning him for another 10 min. one of the officers ask him if he had a receipt and because he couldn’t produce one they took both of the bikes from him, just as they were doing that, another person in a suit rode by and I ask the Police if they would ask him if he had a receipt for his bike and Guess what?


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