Sweepless Nights. Know Your Rights.

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

 Portland is gearing up for their annual Grand Floral parade. Sweeping, harassing and arresting houseless people seems to be a regular occurrence as summer approaches. The city has brought forth rewritten ” living and sustainability” laws targeted directly at the houseless.

  “Sweepless Nights” is the theme for this years Right 2 Survive’s annual Pitch A Tent Protest! Right 2 survive began; Pitch A Tent, 4 years ago to bring awareness to the city’s housed and working folk, that come to camp out and watch the Rose parade, that it is illegal for houseless people to camp for survival. We learned the city buys a permit for folks to camp along parade routes anytime there is a parade. So, this is where we step forward and use this time to provide tents for the downtown houseless to have a safe place to sleep for the night. The city creates an opportunity for activist and like minded people in the community to educate Portland’s housed and ignorant of the unjust, discriminatory, and oppressive laws that are approved in this city and carried out by police and private security hired from the taxes collected from the housed.
  Right 2 Survive organizes educational information, food, music, media, and more, thus creating a huge block party. Last year we took up 8 1/2 whole city blocks along 4th avenue. This year we are hoping to beat that record! At 9:30 Friday morning we will march from the Right 2 Dream Too site located on NW 4th and Burnside, to where we set up the main station on SW 4th and Washington. Some of the activities to draw folks out this year include; Street theater on the HBR campaign, Shoehorn ( A one man band and tap dancer), Mic Crenshaw (activist rapper, spoken word artist), Jeff Zucker and friends (light/fire performance artists), and ending the night B-Media Collectivo (showing their unique films). We have had many practice sessions to be able to cheer with the Radical Cheerleaders of Pdx. Whom will be waking us up with a work out of anti-discrimination anti-oppression cheers and chants. Oh, I can’t forget to mention a special guest coming to Pdx, for this event. Paul Boden, joins us from the Western Regional Advocacy Project, based in San Francisco. WRAP and it’s members are working in California and Oregon to pass Houseless Bills of Rights in both states. Right 2 Survive looks forward to Paul’s presents each year as he draws in the crowds with his fresh, down to earth style.
Lisa fay, Right 2 Survive
  1. lisafay1 says:

    This is going to be super fun. I took the whole time off work to be apart of the events. See ya’ll there

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