Neighborhood United States of American (NUSA) Conference

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

I Ibrahim, first want to thank Jeri Williams  ( Neighborhood Program Coordinator) and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement of Portland, Oregon, For inviting me to attend the Neighborhood United States of American (NUSA) Conference May 21st -May 24th 2014. 
   When we arrived there was a welcome to the Conference Ice Breaker Celebration. There we mingle and network with people from different neighborhood in this Country. The way ,we all said hi to open conversations was “You got a BUTTON” meaning a button from the state you are from. We exchanged buttons and talked about what we are doing in our neighborhood and what is being done in our neighborhood. Since I’m from the houseless Community ( Neighborhood) I had buttons with our logo’s on them ( R2S / R2Dtoo) and I talked about what Right 2 Survive and Right 2 Dream too organizations are doing.  
   This was a very Different Conference, then what I’m used to attending. I’m used to going to learning how do things , what to do in the Grassroots Activist Community. There we went to workshops on how to get Neighbors to communicate with one another, to participate in Neighborhood Meetings and to Organize events so they may improve their Communities. I went to workshops that showed how increase ur Voice, Participation and Community Change, Interactive Engagement to welcome Diverse Voices,  Seattle Neighborhood Match Fund Program, Refreshing and Recharging our Batteries to Develop into more effective Leaders, What Communities do when Renters and Homeowners live in the same Area. This was a Good Conference it shows the Concerns from the people. 
   The Morning of the Farwell Breakfast awards were giving out, Raffle Tickets winners got their prize, New Board was Elected and a Speaker from were the Next NUSA Conference will be (HOUSTON,TX. ). Then there were people speaking on what they would like to see happen at the next Conference. I didn’t hear any one speak about the Houseless Epidemic, Vacant Lots and Preforeclosed House’s, or the gentrification of their neighborhood, and the Disappearance of the Mom and Pop stories. So I got up and spoke on these issues. 3 people walked up to me and said that they agreed with what I had spoken about. I think that we should apply to present a workshop at next years Conference., these topic that concerns us, about Neighborhoods. We should try to strengthen and mend the Social fabric of both Communities and build a affordable and livable Neighborhood. At least NUSA Communities are starting to look out of the Curtains. Again I iterate thank you Jeri Williams and the Office of neighborhood Involvement.  



  1. lisafay1 says:

    Lots to take away from this conference. Learning how communities and city government tackle challenges they face gives new light on our approach to houselessness. We need to strengthen our voices for change to happen. Looking forward to hearing more of what came from the conference.

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