Cop Watch and the Entertainment District

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The City Council continued the road closures and a pedestrian-only zone on Friday and Saturday nights through a section of Portland’s Old Town neighborhood dubbed the “Entertainment District.”

Road closures along Northwest Third Avenue from West Burnside Street to Northwest Everett Street run from 10 p.m. – 3 a.m on Friday and Saturday. Sections of Northwest Couch and Northwest Davis streets are also closed between Northwest Second Avenue and Northwest Third Avenue during the heavily-trafficked period.

Old Town Entertainment District was started as a pilot program in December 2012 after the Portland Police Bureau suggested doing something to address safety in the area. Weekend nights bring large crowds that pack the sidewalks, often spilling into the streets. Late-night drinking often leads to noise complaints, public urination and safety concerns over vehicle traffic passing by on Northwest Third Avenue.

Mike Smith and Mark J Hofheins Jr. go out on Friday and Saturday night to film the police. The goal is to keep pressure on the police to do the right thing since the cameras are rolling.

Film The Police Portland is a grass roots group of concerned citizens dedicated to police accountability. Our Goal is to use alternative media to interface with Portland Police Bureau in a positive professional manner. We hope to inspire other activists around the country to interact in a similar fashion with the ones charged with the hard work of protecting their communities! FTP Portland looks forward to developing a working relationship with our Portland Police.

UCare is standing for the people forgotten and treated lesser by all Political and Governmental entities to create a True and Equally Free America! “HOMELESSNESS DOES NOT MEAN EXEMPT FROM CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES!!!” Resolutions and NOT institutions!!!

The entertainment district attracts all type of people from party goers, to the houseless community. When this video was filmed just steps away there was about 5 people sleeping near by in door ways. Minding their own business and sleeping away until the riot broke out. A lot of times the houseless community is blamed and exposed for actions that happen in Old town. However, this video proves the housed community are causing a lot of problems on Friday and Saturday nights. Its a double standard when this riot will never show on any news station.


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