Thank You, Right 2 Dream Too

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

“My wife and I came to Portland Oregon to change our lives….We are also homeless. Upon arriving to Portland with only $100 in our pocket, we set out to discover what Portland has to offer as far as help and shelters. We quickly found that there are no resources for couples whatsoever. You either have to have a mental illness or be a drug addict to get any help. Well since we are not drug addicts and have no mental illness, we felt helpless. After sleeping under a store front the first night I knew we HAD to find a place…a place to sleep together. Our second day out here was a struggle. I had started handing out my resume to business owners and had been hired by a local company and was to start work the following day. During all the stress and confusion we happened to walk by Right 2 Dream Too. The people we spoke with were nice and told me about how everything works and that they had a couple’s tent we could sleep in…Finally we had a place we could both sleep, off the streets and safe. Having a safe place to sleep at Right 2 Dream Too has allowed us to work and save money for our own place. As of today 2/12/2015 we have been there two weeks and are getting the keys to our apartment tomorrow- All this because we were given the Right 2 dream too.
Thank You”
(names redacted for privacy)


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