March Newsletter

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Newsletter

My name is Rod

By: Rod

I want to thank R2DToo for allowing me to become a member and supporter. I also believe in R2DToo and thank them for helping out the community, giving shelter for those who need it, feeding and clothing people here at R2DToo as well as on The Under the Bridge Walk.

I also want to thank the people who donate food and clothes to us. Also, a big thank you to John, who donates his time and truck to help us in washing our sleeping bags. And Max the wonder dog. Thank you all!

Houseless Breathing Study

By: Aurora

It’s damp; the dew turns to mold quick if you’re not airing the tent out on a daily. That black mold can be harmful and easily be treated by getting one simple breathing test.

Maybe even all that exposure to the other elements of living outside has you breathing less efficiently? You don’t even have to go to the doctors or have health care to find out.

Right 2 Dream Too is doing a study to see how being houseless affects your breathing. Signups to participate (on Friday) can be done at the security desk, located at NW 4th and Burnside. A half hour process (that is anonymous) can give you an idea of your lung function. It’s as simple as inhaling and exhaling; and a follow up about the results can be made.

Come and see the results, you may breathe easier afterwards knowing them.


We Deserve It

By: Jerry

As a houseless man, I get stuck in the stereotype of being a drug addict and an alcoholic; however, I am neither. People see me, my wife, and our dog and assume that we are trouble based on our looks- which consist of tattoos, piercings and of course, a Mohawk. But the reality is we aren’t.

As a kid I was always told not to judge a book by its cover, yet people so easily do. Just because we are houseless does not mean we are lazy, criminals, addicts, or anything less than human. We are still people. We still have needs, wants, and dreams. We, although temporarily houseless, still deserve the dignity and respect that all human beings desire. We are no different than the suits that swarm city hall in a hurry to get nowhere. In the end, aren’t we all just mice in a maze looking for our piece of heavenly cheese?

New in Town

By: Sarah, Jerry and Ryker

Life is not always kind, and it is rarely fair. For my husband and I, it had been pretty amazing until a dis-heartful, bitter woman stumbled across our path. Our lives took a downward spiral from productive, housed people to broke and street bound in a matter of minutes. Our lives have been shattered and every possession lost; but as we have always said, we always have each other.

We wound up lost in a crazy new place with only one recommendation, R2DToo. As we walked up to the doors, terrified that we would be turned away because of our 70 pound pit bull, we were surprised to see people who cared. People took the time to answer every question and help relieve some of our fears. Working through the line to sleep was stressful and confusing, but we were welcomed with open minds, open hearts, and open arms.

Right to Dream Too has opened its doors to us, and our minds and hearts, to the amazing organization that so easily welcomed us. R2DToo has given us a helping hand when we fell, an encouraging word when we were down, and the dreams to know that this is just a moment in time and a step closer to our goals.

When we thought all was lost and no one cared, strangers welcomed us and became our friends. We will be forever grateful for everything that R2DToo has given us. Thank you all so much!

Jackson, Mississippi

By: Ibrahim

I Ibrahim had the privilege to go to Jackson, Mississippi on the week of May 3rd to the 7th of 2014. What I thought it would be and what it actually was were very different. The City itself was like a ghost town, same as Detroit. I saw very few people, except where the Jackson Rising event was and at the National Planning Committee for the United States Social Forum.

As I do, when I go to new places, I walk around the city looking for houseless people or houseless camp sites. I saw a couple of guys, and we talked. However, it was brief. They were in a hurry to go eat; and as we were departing, ones ask if I had a card and said they need help with the houseless community in Jackson, Mississippi.

I arrived on the last day of the Jackson Rising Conference, and saw some people that I met in my travels. We had conversations, and came up with one thing (and I hope this is safe to say ‘cause I’m saying it anyway): Why is it all the CC’s (Chocolate Cities) like Detroit Mi. Jackson, MS. have no funding? Why aren’t there any grocery stores around in the inner part of the city? Conclusion is, we need to stop all this talking and start doing something.

Right to Rest Act

By: Trish

After years of fighting for a bill, we finally have gotten our Homeless Bill of Rights, Senate Bill 629! If this bill passes, it will give every houseless individual several rights, including the right to sleep undisturbed without worry of being harassed by private security and police. It will also allow people to cover themselves, as well as sleep in their vehicles, as long as they are legally parked.

Oregon, California, and Colorado are three states that are trying to get bills passed, although Oregon is the only state with a bill this year. We are extremely grateful to Senator Chip Shields who is our champion, and backed this very important bill for us. Thank you Senator Shields.


How You Can Write a Newsletter Article

By: Zach

Hey you. If you are reading this, chances are you have just received a copy of the Right 2 Survive biweekly newsletter or you are reading this on our Facebook or blog. Every two weeks we get individuals from in and around the houseless community to share their stories on events, issues, concerns, actions and experiences that occur in our community. Our newsletter articles can come from anybody, anywhere, not just from people involved in Right 2 Dream Too and Right 2 Survive.

I was unsure if people who read the newsletter, on our Under the Bridges Walk, were aware they could also write in the newsletter as well; and so as the Bridges Walk Coordinator, I wanted to tell people that they can also share their stories too. If you need something to write about, look at your local neighborhood. How is your neighborhood association treating houseless people? Are there cops harassing houseless folks in your area? Have you been directly targeted? Have there been camping notices put up? Do you know of any events or actions coming up? Do you know of any meetings or organizations you or someone you know are a part of and want to speak about them?

If you or someone you know has any of these experiences, we encourage you to share them with us. By sharing these experiences we can all better understand each other, know what our common struggles are, and be in a position to stand in stronger solidarity with one another. That is what this newsletter stands for.

You can submit your article to Right 2 Survive by the 1st and 3rd Mondays by 5pm, the day before the bridge walk. You can also submit them to the front desk at Right 2 Dream Too at NW 4th & Burnside (or ask about how you can use our computers to type an article). If an article doesn’t make it into our newsletter, we will try to put it our next newsletter or in our blog.

Your stories will be greatly appreciated! We would love to hear and share the truth on the streets. Spread the word!




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