Lesson to Learn

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Newsletter

By: Ibrahim Mubarak

I Ibrahim wind down from a hard day’s work by watching a movie. Sometimes I watch the Propaganda News media. I happened to be watching Channel 8 KGW News when they were talking about a new crime spree that’s been happening in Portland Oregon.  People’s bikes are being stolen at a high rate. Bike thieves are even going so far as to saw through the bike stands that the bikes are locked onto.

What I saw on the News was a camera man sneaking up on a group of homeless people fixing their bikes (I admit they had a few bikes). The man behind the camera was asking them and kept asking them what were they doing, and if those were stolen bikes that they were taking apart. The news reporter made it seem like the houseless people were the thieves who go around town stealing bikes. All I could hear in response was “get that f–king camera out of my face”. Who says that they didn’t find the bike parts?

So what is happening is that now the Police have come up with a Bike Task Force they go around asking people if they have a receipt for their bike (so, if you can’t produce it, they will confiscate your bike until you can produce proof). Now who in the name of common sense carries around a f–king receipt? I’ve had my bike for five years, and I sure don’t know where my receipt is. I believe that we should do a Direct Action and protest against this unjust imposed law that is targeting the houseless communityeveryone gather in a large group and ask the Police if THEY have a receipt for THEIR bikes!!

Be very careful. I’m just saying it’s not even safe for us to have transportation. They are trying to stop our movements. Do they ask the HOUSED people for a receipt? I’m just saying. . .


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