“Not a Sweep” sweep

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

IS THIS A SWEEP OR A SHOW OF POWER? They had Riot gear on. They had Animal Service with them and were taking people’s pets. You can see in the Photo what it must have looked like to the Houseless Community. Guess what? The city gave the Police Department a new site (Land) over by the Hawthorne Bridge and Fire Station for a Police Horse Corral. It’s a very sad thing when People are treated like a DISEASE!

  1. lisafay1 says:

    Trying to understand what’s on the minds of the city. Why are they displacing the already disenfranchised houseless people for the purpose of having a home for the horse patrol? Didn’t the city have a central station on the northeast side of the Williamette already?
    This is the challenge that the disenfranchised face as to where they can be safe. People are already trying to be away from high traffic areas where they can have some type of releif from the world and some safety.
    Police are some of the worse offenders when it comes to harassment and torment of the unhoused. Here is another case in point.

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