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  1. Janie Marsh says:

    Hi, my name is Janie and I too experienced several years of houslessness for many reasons. As I have worked on maintaining stable housing….even though I have been steadily employed for the last 10 years (since being released form Coffee Creek) my biggest barrier and challenge has been my criminal history. I am currently in graduate school and my passion for supporting/advocating with those who face similar housing challenges has only increased.

    I am working on a social justice plan to get involved with A Fair Chance for All, local and state government, Community Alliance of Tenants, etc. for housing; making homes/apt.s available for people (with criminal histories, especially upon reentry) and especially single men. We all have a right to dream and a right to have a place called home.

    Is there anyone who has written anything on their struggles and experience with criminal history and houselessness who wouldn’t mind sharing it to add into my social justice project presentation for school?

    Thank you for your time and for reading this…and have a wonderful day!

    Janie Marsh

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