Current Projects

Our current programs are:

• Under the Bridge Walks – Each 1st and 3rd Tuesday, R2s leads walks, talking to people from the houseless community and handing out the R2S newsletter. The walks also help educate people who are housed about the realities of being houseless, forging personal connections between housed and unhoused people.

• R2S Radio – R2S produces a high quality radio show every 2nd Wednesday of the month, broadcast on KBOO community radio. A listening party takes place so that houseless folks can gather to hear their own voices, while building community. This also serves to educate each other and the broader community.

• Homeless Bill of Right Campaign – R2S is organizing, in coalition with Sisters of the Road, Street Roots, Right 2 Dream Too, and Dignity Village locally. The campaign goal is to pass legislation which will protect the rights of people experiencing homelessness.

• Pitch A Tent  – An annual campout to draw attention to discrimination against people without housing, and demonstrate viable community based alternatives.

• Consultants- Building relationships and developing plans to implement more rest areas like Right to dream too in different parts of the state and country. We currently working with Tuson AZ: SafePark, Eugene: SLEEPS, Opportunity Villiage. Clackamas, Or: Knowing Me Ministry.

• Groundworks Portland- Educating the houseless community of the danger of the Willamette River. Working with Groundworks, the EPA and the local community to improve the river and surround areas around the river so it will be safe for all to use.

• Pacific Northwest Social Forum (PNWSF)- Working with various organizations from the Northwest from Bellingham, Seattle, Northern California, Montana, Utah to bring the PNWSF to Portland in September 2014.

  1. I’m so glad I came accross your FB page. I found out about it on the king-Linwwod Neighbor site as we were having a conversation about what our community members can do to be part of the solution to our growing homeless population. We have a pre-houseless site @ I’d like to partner with R2S as part of our advocacy.

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