Word from the Streets

By now we are aware of the serial attacks going on among the homeless population. this open letter to the perp is not a call to violence, but rather a celebration of the unity of our own community. a victory sirens song to our own….please remember that its contents are far less violent than rape or assault to the victim –

love letters from the concrete jungle
open letter to the perp

by  julie mccurdy

we know who you are
we carry the sight  of you
out of the corners of
eyes that no longer
stay still or sleep
we carry  the putrid scent of you
between the thighs
you desecrated
in memories
we pulled it from the hearts of
our mothers
who used  their own bodies
to shield our souls
from the
sight of your wreckage
we carry the knowledge
of your attempt
to sacrifice the sacred
and to profane the mother
make no mistake
we still own the skin
we live in
you didnt win
we still stand
but we dont
stand alone
our own
stand with us
we have dropped this information
like a bomb
into the hearts and souls
of our fathers
of our brothers
and we slammed it home
between the hips of
our lovers
(what did you think we were bereft of options)
now THEY know
who YOU are
and wait
hungrily for your return
deep into the heart of the concrete jungle
they will sing our songs
they will celebrate us home
they will reclaim what you desecrated
and they will
bring you
what you
brought us
and  then
we will
our own

in the last 7 days 3 homeless women have been raped on the streets of portland–

  1. lisa fay says:

    The CCEH is a good group of people with good intentions. Let’s make it clear there was no intent to poke @ the CCEH and the wonderful efforts and contributions they have made to the Portland community as a whole.
    Ground Zero (the streets) is where this article is comprised from.Where the voices of the homeless often are dismissed. City council and business alliances often babble on about the homeless being around their areas of estiblishment, however many of us are there to be heard and/or make purchases. Is our money unexceptable or somehow invalid to the dollars of the housed community?

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