R2S distributes a paper newsletter to folks living on the streets, during our Under the Bridge walks.  We go out each 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.  You are welcome to join us!  We meet at 6pm on NW 4th and Burnside at Right 2 Dream Too.

We also repost articles from the paper newsletter on the front page of this blog.

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  1. Gregory Cook says:

    I have had some encounters with the security at the pioneer place mall in downtown Portland, Or.. I wonder if we can organize a group or if there is a way to deal with these people trying to run the homeless out of the mall when all they are doing is using the rest room. Please send an e-mail reply to explaining my rights when I am asked to leave the mall. During my last encounter I tried to stick up for myself but was given a 24 hour exclusion.

    • This is what our lawyer had to say:
      The pioneer mall probably has a lot of leeway when it comes to excluding people. It is a private (not government owned) space, and the purpose of the space is for the businesses to sell merchandise. Unless the person going in there has money/credit cards and actually plans to buy something, they can kick someone out and exclude them. Is it mean? You bet. But can we use the law to stop it? No.

      *We can do other things though* There has been talk of launching a potty campaign. The rehashed drug free zone, now called illegal drug impact area, has plans to yank more public toilets from old town. We could protest the mall as part of that education campaign. or many other actions.

      good luck, and as always, an open invitation to our meetings at sisters of the road 2nd and 4th thursdays 5-7 pm – where there are bathrooms and food to be had.

  2. Please add me to your newsletter when it becomes available. Thanks!!!!!

  3. lisafay1 says:

    Right 2 Dream Too: Homeless activist Ibrahim Mubarak to appeal trespassing conviction


    Right 2 Dream Too: Homeless activist Ibrahim Mubarak to …
    Ibrahim Mubarak, co-founder of homeless camp Right 2 Dream Too, plans to appeal his convictions of trespassing and interfering with a police officer.
    View on
    Preview by Yahoo

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