Restaurants that Support R2S

Since most of our organizers are unhoused, we reached out to restaurants in Portland and asked them to provide a meal for one of our meetings.

The first people to reach back were Bob Alamia and his wife Sonja.  They own Sandwich Island in downtown Portland.  They made us their famous Cincinatti Chili – five way!

For a description is this dish go to:

They also gave us big tamales with a side of rice & beans.  Everyone was fat and happy after the meeting!!!

Sandwich Island is located at 827 SW 2nd.  They are open from 10am til 2 or 3.

Please support the restaurants that support us!

  1. Bob Alamia says:

    Thanks so much for the mention. Keep up the good work! Bob & Sonja

  2. John says:

    The Red and Black Cafe supports you! <3

  3. we love the Red and Black Cafe’ they don’t serve Pork

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