Right 2 Survive Radio

kbooPlease join us every second Wednesday of the month for Right 2 Survive’s radio show on KBOO 90.7 FM to discuss homeless/houseless issues.

We go out at ground zero into the streets of Portland talking to people in Portland’s houseless community and record interviews with people being affected by lack of affordable housing.  Occasionally we have visitors from other places or discussions and interviews with people in other cities we visit to share our knowledge and insights with each other and the community.

Come and listen live at Sisters of the Road Cafe – 133 NW 6th Avenue, Portland – from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Tune in on your radio to KBOO 90.7 FM from 6 pm to 7 pm or listen on your computer – KBOO link 

KBOO also has all the shows in archive, podcast and you can download them as an MP3 file too, if you’d like to listen another time, find something you’ve missed or hear a show again.  Link to archive list

Here are brief descriptions of some of the more recent broadcasts and the link to the archived show:

**Air Date:  Wednesday, 4/10/2013  – Short description:  Hosted by Lisa Fay and Ibrahim Mubarak.  Interviews with people from Right 2 Dream Too who have recently found housing, gainful employment and other substantial ways of improving their lives thanks to the support of Right 2 Dream Too.  As Lisa Fay expresses, “Like steps on a pathway, they climbed each one until they reached their goals.”

Link to archive for 4/10/2013

**Air Date:  Wednesday,  3/13/2013 –  Short description:  Hosted by Lisa Fay and Ibrahim Mubarak, this show was dedicated to addressing health issues, lack of healthcare and honoring those who die on the streets.  Ibrahim interviews several people who work with these issues, gathering their insights,  in Philadelphia where he was attending the United States Social Forum NPC.

Link to the blog 

Link to archive for 3/13/2013  

**Air Date:  Wednesday, 2/13/2013 – Short description:  Hosted by Lisa Fay and Ibrahim Mubarak.  “Love in the Houseless Community,” with Valentine’s Day this week, these couples share their stories, struggles, laughs and how they “complement and complete each other.”

Link to archive for 2/13/2013

**Air Date:  Wednesday 1/9/2013 – Short description:  Hosted by Lisa Fay and Ibrahim Mubarak.  Part 3 of the series on Homeless Bill of Rights:  It’s back to the houseless community to inquire as to their knowledge of the crafting of the “bill of rights” and what they believe should be included in the bill.

Link to archive for 1/9/2013- (Part 3 of HBR series)

Part two of the series addresses the serious problem with healthcare issues for those who are homeless, interviews with various people from across the nation to find how different places handle their circumstances and the importance of recognizing the people who have passed with memorials.  They are the “casualties” of the “war on poor.”

Link to Homeless Bill of Rights (Part 2 of HBR series)

**Air Date:  Wednesday 11/14/2012 – Hosted by Lisa Fay and Ibrahim Mubarak.  Part 1 of a 3 part series on the Oregon Homeless Bill of Rights.  This program addresses the daily struggles of oppression, suppression and discrimination, infringement on basic civil and constitutional rights of the homeless.  Ibrahim interviews Michael Moore from Sisters of the Road in Portland, who is working on the OHBR through the many perspectives and venues he is connected with.

Link to archive for 11/14/2012 (Part 1 of HBR series)

  1. FW Dave says:

    Detroit: A History of Struggle, A Vision of the Future.

    As the world economy slips further into depression and the forces of capital continue to wage a brutal war on the working class, it is important to inform our present course with a look at the past. Central to the development of working class solidarity is understanding the importance of black and other minority workers in the formation of class consciousness and political action. With this in mind, the Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) will be hosting a lecture and forum on the 20th of October 2011 at Portland State University, Smith Building Room 296, starting at 7pm. This event will be part of a greater North West tour by activist and speaker Darryl Mitchell, a former organizer for the League of Revolutionary Black Workers (LRBW)*Event information is listed below*

    Our invitation
    We would like to invite you to be a co-sponsor for this event. As a cosponsor of the forum you would be asked to publicize the event to your members and the community. You will also be able to distribute materials about your organization at the event and your organization will be listed as a co-sponsor in all event materials. Monetary contributions are highly encouraged to cover the travel costs of the speaker! Also, help us network with other groups you think might be interested in attending. ***This is not a profit motivated event or tour. The event will be free of charge and Darryl is doing this for a cause, not money.***

    About Darryl
    Darryl Mitchell (Waistline) is a retired Chrysler worker, union activist and former union representative. He was employed by Chrysler from 1971 – 2001, retiring from the old Mound Road Engine plant. He is also a former editor of the Southern Advocate, founding member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

    As a part time author, the Peoples Tribune, a monthly independent newspaper, published his pamphlet “Detroit: A History of Struggle, A vision of the Future.”

    As a grandfather, Waistline is dedicated to educating about how and why the system of capitalism is coming to an end due to revolution in the means of production, which is qualitatively changing and destroying the old industrial basis of the economy. He advocates for a Third Edition of the American Revolution: Proletarian Revolution. He is currently working on “American Marxist Glossary” to be published January 2012.

    Our Event
    “Detroit: A History of Struggle, A Vision of the Future.” A lecture and forum featuring guest speaker Darryl Waistline Mitchell: founding member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, author, and Union activist. Thursday Night, October 20th, 7pm @ Portland State University’s Smith Building Room 296. FREE!

    In solidarity,
    Fellow Worker Dave f.

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