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by julie mccurdy

the sidewalk management plan

the reality vs what the city council said

I just got done a couple days ago -listening in abject horror-as the city council patted themselves on the back while they inappropriately passed the sidewalk management plan-interesting really since it still violates the constitution in its current incarnation. I also distinctly remember Fish saying that it wouldnt be enforced after 9pm in direct response to my statement that forcing the unhoused to sleep next to the curb was inhumane-so I was a bit pressed lipped when my friend told me this morning that the police woke him repeatedly last evening to tell him that he couldnt sleep that close to the building(he was less than a foot from the side of a building. This man by the way-was in tears as he told me-he is one of many combat vets who suffer from ptsd after having served the country which now reduces him to this sad state of affairs– I was furious-you -he served on the uss cole which was blown up at sea off the coast of Yeman-so this man who served his country faithfully-in combat-who has too many combat ribbons to mention (ya purple hearts dont equal lack of harrasement by the police) is out of unemployment and options is reduced to being woken up multiple times a night while he attempts to sleep outside on the concrete because this country that sent him to die for its cause values him so little that they allow him to be tossed to the curb because he isnt even allowed to sleep next to the side of a building -WOW-i have seen some impossible events out here but how we treat our honored vets has got to top the list (you know the one “the shit list” ) that isnt the only story that has come from this – there are at least a dozen stories begging to be told about people who were woken up and moved due to the new sidewalk management plan that isnt supposed to be enforced during the hours they were accosted-so I say to Fish -in particular -you sir are a liar and a cheat and have not met your responsibilities to this community-i invite you personally to sleep next to us out here and then go sit on the council and make those same statements again-yesterday I also fought back tears as I watched a couple that is new to the streets and have nothing lose their car for the lack of the ability to pay for insurance….were they harming anyone? Why no-they were living in their car-she is pregnant, with a tendon injury that prevents her from being able to get around-she has a thyroid condition which also exasperates her circumstances-i watched as everything they owned was put out on the street and they and their Chihuahua and cat sat there morosely-she can not move away from a vehicle on the curb if it parks too close….they have nothing to survive with out here-SO I SAY THANKS CITY COUNCIL-FOR YOUR UNSTINTING COMPASSION -you have delivered a police force with an alarming reputation for harrasement oppression of the homeless-what? Your commisioner is in charge of that -so he must be ok with it—and ordinances which- before they are even dry on the books- further still ==harras and oppress us-WHAT SAY YOU FISH AND SALTZMAN? Nothing? I thought so—i promise in writing right here and right now-we as a community will be taking action on this issue- shame on you-and how dare you ever say even in the night to yourselves that you serve this city-because clearly you only serve yourselves