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On June 24th, a dozen or so of us went on one of our biweekly under the bridge walks.  We met up with people under the Burnside, Morrison and Hawthorne Bridges and the surrounding areas.  Most of the time we are meeting up with old friends, finding out what has been happening in the streets, how the police are treating them, and what sweeps have been happening.

We had the honor of Mark J. Hofheins, Jr, with UCARE – United Coalition Against Repression for Equality –  recording the last walk.

Please donate what you can to help him with the productions of more videos like this.    You can find a link to donate on the YouTube page.

If you would like to see more pictures from tonight, you can find them HERE on our Facebook  page.


There was good times for everyone involved. There was enough food to go around between Sisters of the Road, Food Not Bombs, and Ha Ha Now to treat everyone with happy tummies. Our entertainment went off without a hitch also due to great scheduling.Ibrahim Mubarak started the shindig as the MC introducing the FU man, Paul Boden from WRAP gave us a heart warming speech, one only a subversive anarchist guerrilla would love, and there were plenty of us out there!Bajo Salario was then introduced with Latino style of music and a message of solidarity for the issues we face today. Speeches were the next in line with people like Leo Rhodes, Lucilene Lira, and again Ibrahim. Many thanks to Shoehorn for bringing his very coordinated styling of sax and tap dance to this event, now that’s entertainment! Mic Crenshaw funked it up with many of his original music favorites that had everybody up singin’ and groovin’.Topping the evening off with the eclectic vids from the B Media Collective. Fun that makes you think. One of their selection was a unreleased work in progress about R2S/R2DToo. Can’t wait for the premiere!Security had very fewer problems with coordination this year, and not a lot of police interaction ( you think their getting used to us?) It went pretty smoothly in all.

By Brad


This years pitch a tent theme with Sweepless Nights. Know your Rights. We want to thank the following people and organization for their continued support and dedication to Right 2 Survive. 

Paul Boden from Western Regional Advocacy Project.
The Oregon Homeless Bill of Rights
Bajo Salario/Collective Band
Chill Will 
Michael Crenshaw 
Bmedia Colectivo 
Food Not Bombs
Sisters of the Road

Thank you to Sisters in Strength for setting up the Red tents and for the gift bags filled with many amazing and useful items that we can use.

The Humanity Hub & Occupy PDX
Adam Carpinelli/Fingerpaint Afrojazz
The Dreamers at Right to dream too. 
All the volunteers before, after and during the event. 
Thank you to Mark J Hofheins Jr. from UCARE-United Coalition Against Repression for recapping pitch a tent with this video. 

Check out the video here:

Check out our pictures here:



Ibrahim Mubarak had his court date this Friday at 9am at Multnomah County Circuit Court, 1021 SW 4th Ave, just north of City Hall. Ibrahim, co-founder of Right 2 Dream Too, was arrested February 27 under the Burnside Bridge for not getting on the sidewalk during a regular outreach walk with other members of Right 2 Survive.

Police arrested Ibrahim, as other Right 2 Survive members filmed Portland police harassment of the Houseless sleeping under the Burnside Bridge following a Thursday night feed. 


Here is some questions and updates on what is happening: 

Where are you at in the court hearing?

We are going to pick a jury on June 9th and follow up and go form there on this trial. This trial will go on for two days.


Why are you going through with the court hearing?

I’m going through with the trial because I believe the houseless community in general do not know their rights or if they do they are afraid to speak up for themselves because they know tint he past nothing can happen. I’m not doing this as an individual to put me on the spot but to put the whole system on how the police and city officials attack the houseless community. Even if I lose this will show that we need to stand up for our rights. The power to be and police departments target and profile as nothingless. We are something. We are somebody. 

Why is it important to you?

It’s important to me because we are the fastest growing social status in this country. We are bring misused, mislabeled and abused. This is what right 2 survive goes out to do educate people for their civil, human and constitutional rights. If I don’t stand up or right 2 survive doesn’t stand up and make an example then who will stand up. Especially, if we are teaching them. We are not teaching to teach, but to be examples and to exert them. And to not fall under mass incarceration system that is going on now. 

What outcome do you see happening?

The outcome is to bring awareness not only to the houseless community, the activist community and anarchist, but to the general public and police. We are going to stand up and fight for our rights. To show people who are in the visible community who have rights where as we who are invisible do not have rights. I would also like to implement the Homeless Bill of Rights. Not saying we have different rights but the same rights are those who live in a house.

We are all humans. We need to be treated as human with dignity. Treat people with the constitution of this land. 

How does what you are doing help in the movement your are struggling for?

It helps in the movement, Right 2 Survive and Right 2 Dream Too thrust to the leadership of the houseless community. We have to  sacrifice ourselves in order to get things done. If we stand and tell people to do this and to do that they look at us and say what are you doing?  We have to go through the same thing, experience the same thing, so we can speak about he same thing and have the knowledge of the same thing. 


Lets chat; As we were leaving the Court House yesterday 4/25/2014 , my court has been set for 6/9/2014 at 9 am. We saw a houseless person being harassed by the Portland Police. They were asking him where he get the two bikes he had. I suppose he told them the truth. he bought one and the other was a friend of his that he was going to fix. So the Portland Police did what they do they check to see if both were stolen. They came back clean. Now this is the part that I want everybody to pay close attention to. after questioning him for another 10 min. one of the officers ask him if he had a receipt and because he couldn’t produce one they took both of the bikes from him, just as they were doing that, another person in a suit rode by and I ask the Police if they would ask him if he had a receipt for his bike and Guess what?

Thanks to all who help R2DToo work! Donations help shelter, feed, clothe people.
While we appreciate everything that is so generously given, right now monetary donations would be the most helpful.
We don’t pay rent exactly, but we do have regular expenses. Money contributed will help us pay for taxes, utilities, porta-potty service, laundry and more. Our expenses run about $1500/month.
Anything you have from 25 cents to $2500 is appreciated.
For $100 you can “buy a door” and paint it with quotes or art or messages of support.
To make a donation contact Dale Hardway or Ibrahim Mubarak or Amber Dunks through FB or at R2DToo. Checks can be made out to Right 2 Dream Too and mailed to:
4635 NE Garfield Ave, Portland OR 97211
With gratitude and in solidarity.

CONTACT: Megan Hise                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

503-459-1515 | email                                                                          May 29, 2012

Paint-a-door” event at Right 2 Dream Too Saturday June 2

Portland area unions support unhoused workers at rest area

Picture taken by Mamie Gathard

A Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction For The Houseless

Saturday, May 12, 6 p.m. at SEIU Banquet Hall 6401 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97026
Portland, OR-Featuring the first-ever live performance of Tom Waits’ epic poem ‘SEEDS ON HARD GROUND’ by celebrated Portland Actors: Ebbe Roe Smith, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Robert Projansky, Brynn Baron, Karen Wennstrom, Penuel Corbin, Brian MacEwan and Valerie Martinka. As well as musical entertainment by activist-rapper Mic Crenshaw, who the Portland Mercury called (with the Lifesavas) “two of the very best hip-hop acts in PDX”.  Come and meet some amazing unhoused individuals who are making a difference not only in their lives but in the lives of their neighbors and community. Come enjoy a buffet style dinner, auction items, and educational materials raising awareness about the houseless community in Portland.
Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at Right 2 Dream Too on NW 4th and W. Burnside or online at
For More Info or Tickets, Please Contact Sophia K. at (971) 409-0275 or
Proceeds will be used to pay the fines of Right 2 Dream Too and to fund Right 2 Survive projects.
Right to Survive (R2S) is an organization of homeless people of circumstances, the formerly homeless, and their allies. R2S is working to ensure that everyone has the right to sleep, the right to shelter, the right to self support, the right to safety, the right to simple living, the right to sustainability, the right to sit and lie, the right to share and barter and the right say so!
Right 2 Dream Too (affectionately called R2D2), is a nonprofit organization operating a space where people can rest or sleep safely and undisturbed. It’s mission is to provide refuge for Portland’s unhoused community who cannot access affordable housing or shelter space.
Right 2 Dream Too exists to awaken social and political groups to the importance of safe and undisturbed sleep. Our purpose is to create a place where unhoused people can rest or sleep without being rousted by police or private security and without being under the constant threat of violence. We hope to create a cost-effective, self-sustaining model that can be replicated elsewhere.

For Immediate Release

Ibrahim Mubarak



Leo Rhodes



Right 2 Survive and Right 2 Dream Too protest opening of community court in multi-million dollar homeless facility

 “You shouldn’t have to plead guilty in order to get housing or services.” says Leo Rhodes.  “There is funding attached to criminalizing the houseless.”

 PORTLAND, OR – May 4th, 2012- Members of Right 2 Survive and the Right 2 Dream Too rest area, will protest the opening of a community court in the Bud Clark Commons at 1pm on Friday, May 4th.

 “People are being told that there is no funding for housing, but they are making people think that if they go into court and plead guilty there is a possibility of getting housing.” says Rhodes, a homeless advocate who has been cited for sleeping outside.

Over the past year, the Western Regional Advocacy Project has led a survey effort with its grassroots members and allies in Portland, OR, Berkeley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, Houston, TX, and Worcester, MA documenting homeless people’s experiences with the criminal justice system for survival-related “crimes.” More than three-quarters of survey respondents (78 percent) reported being harassed, cited or arrested by police officers for sleeping outside. Seventy-five percent reported the same for sitting or lying down, and 76 percent for loitering or simply “hanging out.” These were by far the top crimes for which homeless people were charged. A sad corresponding fact is that only one quarter of respondents (25 percent) believed that they knew of safe, legal places to sleep.

 “What they’re doing with this homeless court is taking away a population’s right to due process, which is unconstitutional”, says Amber Dunks of Right 2 Dream Too.  “What’s worse is that agencies that are supposed to be supporting the unhoused are behind this.”




Right 2 Survive is an organization led by unhoused, and formerly unhoused individuals.  R2S is dedicated to educating houseless people and their allies about their human, civil, and constitutional rights.  R2S works to empower unhoused people and their allies to take action against laws, policies and practices that criminalize people for survival activities

Right 2 Dream Too exists to awaken social and political groups to the importance of safe and undisturbed sleep. Our purpose is to create a place where unhoused people can rest or sleep without being rousted by police or private security and without being under the constant threat of violence. We hope to create a cost-effective, self-sustaining model that can be replicated elsewhere.