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At the F27 (February 27) rally, Three veterans from H.A.H.A (Homeless Against Homelessness in America) testified at City Council 9:30am Wednesday meeting. H.A.H.A., Right 2 Survive, and Right 2 Dream Too call for the creation of more low cost, self-managed rest areas like Right 2 Dream Too.  We started off at right to dream too marched o city hall with H.A.H.A. leading the way through the street marching and chanting.

Wade Varner gave a pep talk to ralliers before we descended into the city chambers, where the founders of H.A.H.A addressed the council members. While the last person spoke members from Right 2 Survive and Dreamers from Right 2 Dream Too, organizers and dreamers hung shamrock streamers from the balcony. Chanting as they left ”House keys not handcuffs.”  The chambers leaving security to hastily remove to colorful streamers! Hundreds of shamrocks were filled with positive messaging from dreamers that said; Solidarity, community, love, trust, safety, sleep, etc… A large bucket also filled with shamrock messages was delivered to Charlie Hall’s office before we reconvened outside. Lisa Fay MCee’d the speakers; the message was the need for more places like Dignity Village and support for Right 2 dream Too. No one deserves to be without a shelter. Before marching back down to R2DTOO, Wade announced that everyone was welcome to join us there for a hot meal. And a delicious meal it was!

See you all next month Mark you calendars March 20, 2013 Same place Same time. Starting at Right 2 dream too @ 8:30.

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CIO Kick off Event

End Profiling Kick-off Party

February 28, 2013 6-8p.m.

CIO Center for Intercultural organizing and Urban League of Portland kicked off their coalition to end profiling.  About 60 people showed up from all different community organizations. It all started off as a meet and greet.   The program began with an introduction from representatives from both organizations CIO and Urban League of Portland. The bill  Senate Bill 560 which would ban profiling at a state level, because no one should be singled out for their race, age, religion, housing status, sexual orientation, or any other part of who they are. We then listened to stories of community members who have been profiled by the police for just being who they are. We all know that those who are experience homelessness have been and will continue to be criminalized for being homeless. This is a way to hold police accountable and to eliminate racial profiling.  The event was a major success and this is only the beginning. As community members and organizations let work together to hold police accountable, change laws and help this bill get passes.


Center for intercultural organizing

Urban League of Portland

Thank You to Irina Boboia for the pictures