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Recorded live at KBOO on October 12, 2016

Listen here: Right 2 Survive Radio

Portland police assaulted local residents who came to City Hall to protest the Police Union contract. Right 2 Survive was there, and reports on what happened.

Additional topic: Oregon Homeless Bill of Rights

image by: Constance Spurling

image by: Constance Spurling


The City Council continued the road closures and a pedestrian-only zone on Friday and Saturday nights through a section of Portland’s Old Town neighborhood dubbed the “Entertainment District.”

Road closures along Northwest Third Avenue from West Burnside Street to Northwest Everett Street run from 10 p.m. – 3 a.m on Friday and Saturday. Sections of Northwest Couch and Northwest Davis streets are also closed between Northwest Second Avenue and Northwest Third Avenue during the heavily-trafficked period.

Old Town Entertainment District was started as a pilot program in December 2012 after the Portland Police Bureau suggested doing something to address safety in the area. Weekend nights bring large crowds that pack the sidewalks, often spilling into the streets. Late-night drinking often leads to noise complaints, public urination and safety concerns over vehicle traffic passing by on Northwest Third Avenue.

Mike Smith and Mark J Hofheins Jr. go out on Friday and Saturday night to film the police. The goal is to keep pressure on the police to do the right thing since the cameras are rolling.

Film The Police Portland is a grass roots group of concerned citizens dedicated to police accountability. Our Goal is to use alternative media to interface with Portland Police Bureau in a positive professional manner. We hope to inspire other activists around the country to interact in a similar fashion with the ones charged with the hard work of protecting their communities! FTP Portland looks forward to developing a working relationship with our Portland Police.

UCare is standing for the people forgotten and treated lesser by all Political and Governmental entities to create a True and Equally Free America! “HOMELESSNESS DOES NOT MEAN EXEMPT FROM CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES!!!” Resolutions and NOT institutions!!!

The entertainment district attracts all type of people from party goers, to the houseless community. When this video was filmed just steps away there was about 5 people sleeping near by in door ways. Minding their own business and sleeping away until the riot broke out. A lot of times the houseless community is blamed and exposed for actions that happen in Old town. However, this video proves the housed community are causing a lot of problems on Friday and Saturday nights. Its a double standard when this riot will never show on any news station.

A Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction For The Houseless

Saturday, May 12, 6 p.m. at SEIU Banquet Hall 6401 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97026
Portland, OR-Featuring the first-ever live performance of Tom Waits’ epic poem ‘SEEDS ON HARD GROUND’ by celebrated Portland Actors: Ebbe Roe Smith, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Robert Projansky, Brynn Baron, Karen Wennstrom, Penuel Corbin, Brian MacEwan and Valerie Martinka. As well as musical entertainment by activist-rapper Mic Crenshaw, who the Portland Mercury called (with the Lifesavas) “two of the very best hip-hop acts in PDX”.  Come and meet some amazing unhoused individuals who are making a difference not only in their lives but in the lives of their neighbors and community. Come enjoy a buffet style dinner, auction items, and educational materials raising awareness about the houseless community in Portland.
Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at Right 2 Dream Too on NW 4th and W. Burnside or online at
For More Info or Tickets, Please Contact Sophia K. at (971) 409-0275 or
Proceeds will be used to pay the fines of Right 2 Dream Too and to fund Right 2 Survive projects.
Right to Survive (R2S) is an organization of homeless people of circumstances, the formerly homeless, and their allies. R2S is working to ensure that everyone has the right to sleep, the right to shelter, the right to self support, the right to safety, the right to simple living, the right to sustainability, the right to sit and lie, the right to share and barter and the right say so!
Right 2 Dream Too (affectionately called R2D2), is a nonprofit organization operating a space where people can rest or sleep safely and undisturbed. It’s mission is to provide refuge for Portland’s unhoused community who cannot access affordable housing or shelter space.
Right 2 Dream Too exists to awaken social and political groups to the importance of safe and undisturbed sleep. Our purpose is to create a place where unhoused people can rest or sleep without being rousted by police or private security and without being under the constant threat of violence. We hope to create a cost-effective, self-sustaining model that can be replicated elsewhere.

Civilian Foot Patrols Are Forming, and Whistles Are Being Distributed

It has been reported to us — and it is being widely talked about among the homeless — that at least three women in the last week have been raped while attempting to sleep alone – all within the St. Francis neighborhood in inner Southeast. Two have been assaulted on the east side not far from St. Francis, most recently on Sunday night (Nov. 30).  Another woman was assaulted around Thanksgiving Day under the Burnside Bridge on the west side.

Right 2 Survive is distributing whistles to women and other vulnerable people in the area.

If anyone would like a whistle, you can get one from Julie, who is regularly at  St. Francis Dining Hall (SE 11th & Oak) at dinner time (4 to 6 pm), or call Laura at 503-875-0425, and we will get you a whistle ASAP.

We are also encouraging all allies to patrol these areas at night with eyes and ears open to any assaults – and especially listen for whistles (many already distributed). Organized patrols will soon begin meeting nightly at the Red & Black, with the plan being to walk the east side — Hawthorne to Burnside, 12th Ave to the River — to help protect against sexual assaults.

The Danger of Victimized Twice (by police or the rapist) If You Tell

Many women  who are victims of assault are reluctant to go to police, because Portland’s police have a reputation for not seriously dealing with assault complaints from the homeless. In fact they often treat homeless women as though they did something to ‘deserve it.’  This is often referred to as being “victimized twice.”

Sometimes when a woman tells the police or a reporting agency about a rape, little comes of the complaint. People who are houseless are often not taken as seriously as those  with houses and perhaps attorneys. What happens when police do nothing or when a court fails to keep a rapist locked up? Retaliation is a very real danger. The best plan is prevention. The best plan for un-sheltered women under assault is to camp together, or otherwise occupy otherwise vacant safe spaces. With or without a government permission, this is instinctive, and prudent in light of City Council’s inaction. This is our right to survive.

The current anti-camping law keeps people from banding together easily for mutual protection.

The City has been unwilling so far to offer any public areas for organized camping — or to legally allow property owners or churches to permit campers on site. In Seattle and in cities across the U.S., this is how houseless people usually manage (as best they can) to stay safe – by camping in tent groups in larger numbers together, and watching over each other. Where numbers of homeless campers have attempted to congregate here in Portland, police have been aggressive in breaking up the ‘camp.’

E-mail us at with your ideas about where and how people can camp and squat safely! We each have a right to safety! If government will not care for us, we can and will band together and care for ourselves.