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In a country where the police can punch young girls in the face or shoot them at point blank range in the face with a bean bag, where banks r b-ing bailed out of trouble, we got a black president but he’s still a politician where the gap in social standards widens school closures r popular and a homeless court is b-ing placed in a new and improved homeless shelter.
I saw a ray of hope in a city that’s been tagged as the murder capital of this so-called great country, also Detroit was label a ghost town,which is full of empty lots and vacant buildings, no grocery stores in sight, but there was happiness,joy, concerns and innovating minds were clicking.
When I left Detroit some 20 yrs ago it was a very unfriendly place where people didn’t venture into different neighborhoods. People stayed on their side of the tracks and drugs dealers ruled the streets. Now this day and time, the atmosphere was unique,the streets was filled with mixed and same sex couples, no one ethnic neighborhood. People smiling, having friendly conversations and of course there was some that was not so friendly, however Detroit now is a city where u can b ur-self and b with whom u choose to b with. It has become to me, a city of hope and diversity. People from all walks of life was there, absorbing and giving input on how to renew a great city once more.
Right 2 Survive is a group of homeless or formerly homeless people that advocates 4 the homeless. We r bringing u a different kind of radio that goes beyond what regular radios and televisions shows give u. we go from coast 2 coast, back yard to bushes and of course the streets, so we can give you the gory details of homelessness to stop those grecian myths that separate social status from the truth. On this show we interviewed people from every aspect of life ,may they be native detroiters or visitors, about a city that has fallen on hard times
Listen this Wednesday, July 14th on KBOO 90.7 in Portland or on the web.