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Here is a video of the work we are doing with GroundWorks Portland.

Groundwork Portland is a non-profit organization that brings about sustainable, community-led improvement of the physical environment in low-income areas, while advancing environmental and social justice.

Groundwork Portland is an affiliate of Groundwork USA. Groundwork USA works with communities to improve their environment, economy and quality of life through local action by getting local residents, businesses, government and other organizations involved in practical projects.

Over the last year we have been working with Groundworks to improve relationships with EPA and local community. Voice our concerns about the Superfund site, to educate the houseless community living alongside the river of the pollutants and danger of the river. Include a multi-language campaign.

We will continue outreach to the houseless community living alongside the river at least twice a month. Voicing concerns at EPA meetings,while building Groundworks Portland solidarity and support with local coalition members will prompt development of safer solutions for the environment. By reaching at least three different ethnic groups to develop appropriate language materials. More immigrants using the river to supplement their diets will know the long term harm of eating the polluted fish.

If you or your organization would like to get involved let us know. or visit or