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Right 2 Survive meets every 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 5-7 PM at Sisters of the Road Cafe,  133 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Please come join us to find out how you can become involved.  Everyone is welcome!



  1. Ptery Lieght says:

    Ha ha ha. Great technique. Way back when I first started, I was given the challenge to do a Love Drive by. I read a poem to a street poet where I used to live in Seattle. Nicklesville was great excitement. I will never forget those 100 hot pink tents rising up at 4 in the morning!
    Where are the volunteer meetings, or how can I help?
    I’m at Dignity Village now in Portland.

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks for understanding that Land belongs to everyone -)

    The rise of every great civilization throughout history was the result of a great individual/individuals who understood that we are all (humanity) in this together and with this understanding formulated the best social contracts available (understood) at the time. The fall of every great civilization was due to the fact that, although the original intent was honorable the foundational premise was flawed. The only solid foundation that we can ever build upon that will last is the Foundation which has always existed and which human beings didn’t create – the Foundation of Life. The key ingredient for a lasting social construct is Land. In Truth, Land is an Inherent Birthright of every single human being and neglecting this Fact has been the foundational reason for the collapse of every great civilization. We may sit here pointing fingers at economics, education, health care, financial bubbles, etc… but the real culprit and the real solution is in solving and implementing True Land Reform. Indigenous cultures understand the Land issue. They understand that Land is a necessary component of Life and therefore a Birthright and when implemented as the True Entitlement it is, it returns True Liberty to every individual. Land is where the basic necessities of food and materials for clothing and shelter originate. An individual with Land has Real Choice and True Freedom which is Pure Democracy (equal rule by all people). As Land is the basic component of Life it is also the basic component in Human Rights. An individual with Land is Free from the compulsions of there fellow men/women. If they choose to they can grow all of their own food and make their own clothing without laboring for anyone other than themselves (this is not for the fainthearted) or they can labor for others to earn money to purchase these necessities. The Fact is that only Free Access to Land gives them that choice wherein if Land is treated as a commodity in the marketplace they have no choice but must employ themselves to others in order to earn the money to Live. This places a price on Life and in time Life becomes a commodity. When Land is treated as a commodity instead of a Birthright societies always fail in time. When a child is born into a world that has Universal Land (Life) Rights securely consecrated as the foundational element of the social structure, his basic needs are secured by his/her own choices. This is what fosters True Responsibility within each of us and lays the Foundation for the Creation of a Social Construct that works for all. The world opens up to him/her as the choices of what to do with their lives becomes an open book. Although they may have to work hard for their goals they will be working towards the fulfillment of their own desires and not someone elses and their desires will be founded upon personal responsibility. In the Bible there is the expression that “with God all things are possible”. How truly can all possibilities be open to each and every human being unless they have Complete Freedom from the dictates of our fellow human beings. Treating land as a commodity is a very subtle but insidious form of slavery. As you have probably figured out by now, I am neither a conservative nor a liberal, a republican nor a democrat, not a green nor a libertarian. I am a Living Soul as we all are. We’re all on the same page – Life. We all want to Live, Laugh and Play. We all want a stable society. Why hasn’t humanity accomplished this yet? Land – The Inherent Birthright! As Land is recognized by all of humanity as the Inherent Basic Right that it is and we implement True Land Reform and place this Inherent Right as the very foundation of our social construct we will all reap the immense benefits contained within this Universal Law. The rest of our social construct will Naturally fall into place.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Scott A. Root

    PS – By the way – there is a simple way to set up a fair system of Land reform that works for everyone equally. If you would like me to share these ideas with you please send me an email and I will be more than happy to oblige. Keep up the Good (God) Work -)

  3. Sara says:

    I was hoping to attend a meeting coming up. When is the next meeting April 7th or 14th. Thank you 🙂

    • Ptery says:

      Hi Sara,
      Sorry you missed the meeting. We met April 14th, next one will be two weeks from then. But, if you want to come out to our Under The Bridges campaign, Come this coming Tues night to Sisters of The Road at 6pm to walk over and do outreach.

  4. ldo says:

    Great idea, but is there an option for those of us that live outside the city to donate funds to help the cause?

    • Don Ferguson says:

      Hi Mr.Mubarak,

      I often think of you and you ministry.I have move and need your contact info again.I was at Camp Peaceful Pines this past week which is part of Church of the Brethren outdoor minstries and meet a nice lady named Nancy Miner who is a manager of office of the general secretary in Elgin , Il which is our churches headquarters. I had explain to her about your work and she asked me to send her the contact info on you and dignity village. I have not given up on getting a I-phone 5 for.
      I have a few projest going now and would like to speak with soon.
      Please call 209-676-2237 when you have time.
      Don Ferguson

  5. Megan Sailsbury says:

    There’s a guy named Dallas on craigslist who claims to partner with your organization to provide crash space for the homeless. I thought you might like to know that, at least in my case, this meant he got laid, threw me out the day I wouldn’t pay him $100 in advance after he changed the deal 3 times in 4 days, and now refuses to allow me to retrieve the few possessions I had to leave behind to comply. He also expects “some contribution” to household expenses, meaning an equal split of all bills, including the insurance on his camper.

    Is this what you had in mind?

  6. Bill Barkley says:

    do you have a place to build small shed-like structures – to be built for sale? – I may have an idea that could help

  7. Phil Fake says:

    What about the Willamette River Fleet? They are not homeless, yet they suffer the same treatment from the authorities, and have to skirt the law to exist. Anyone interested in “Operation Halcyon”? How about getting the condo owners and the apartment tower associations that overlook the downtown river area to sponsor a refuge at the Duckworth Dock? Maybe KGW could sponsor the maintenance contract on a pump out/water station so that the Oregon State Marine Board could put a pump out there. The stakeholders of that dock and the DOT that thought they were going to get a water taxi could receive some rent. So who wants to go with the Sheriff to the monthly stakeholders meeting and start something different?
    I’ve done what I can.

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