In Memory of Paige

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On Sunday, September 18th, Right 2 Dream Too’s mascot and ambassador, Paige passed away. She was in the arms of her human, Marty. Paige was loved by many. Thoughtful and calm, she often offered quiet comfort to those in need. Paige was among the sweetest dogs you could ever meet, and she touched countless lives- always ensuring that residents, visitors, and guests feel welcome. With her passing, she has left a huge hole in our hearts. Our dear Paige.


“Not a Sweep” sweep

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IS THIS A SWEEP OR A SHOW OF POWER? They had Riot gear on. They had Animal Service with them and were taking people’s pets. You can see in the Photo what it must have looked like to the Houseless Community. Guess what? The city gave the Police Department a new site (Land) over by the Hawthorne Bridge and Fire Station for a Police Horse Corral. It’s a very sad thing when People are treated like a DISEASE!

Margolis, Gregory Allen

66 Mar. 12, 1949 May 09, 2015

Beloved father of Sam and Laurel; much-loved brother of Ken and Roger; favorite uncle of Jesse, Zak and Sara; and ex-husband of and co-parent with Barbara Blaize, Greg died peacefully the afternoon of May 9, 2015, in his home surrounded and cared for by loving family members. Recognized as an intellectual leader of the movement for social change, Greg’s greatest asset was his enormous heart. He is mourned not only by his family, but by the hundreds of friends he made in his volunteer work and the hundreds more whose lives benefited from that work. After his retirement as a paralegal in 2003, Greg became a full-time volunteer organizer, strategist, activist and spokesperson for a number of social justice groups including Right 2 Dream Too and Jobs With Justice, which awarded him the rare and prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Greg always did what he felt was right; as a result, he left the world better than he found it. His life was cut short, but Greg lived life fully, a life of commitment, joy and love. He is desperately missed by the many who loved and learned from him.

Published in The Oregonian from May 22 to May 24, 2015

In Memory of Greg Margolis

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The most beautiful thing999837_376864729103021_1510751613_n

for those who have fought a whole life

is to come to the end and say;

we believed in people and life,

and life and the people

never let us down.733804_10200539226956532_1579957356_n


Only in this way do men become men,

women become women,

fighting day and night397502_10152010058040883_1144003496_n

for people and for life.


And when these lives come to an end

the people open their deepest rivers

and they enter those waters forever.

And so they become, distant fires, living,8767_500670016620577_97294126_n

creating the heart of example



   Otto Rene Castillo


2.5 Days Out…

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2.5 Days Out… 

By: Aaron

I took off on my big venture. The first night I had no problem finding a place to sleep. I went down behind a power plant that I have stayed at many times, all was good.  I knew I had to leave by 7:00am, but stayed until 8:30am. It was good and I had no troubles.

The next day I took off to explore and get drunk.  Well, I did a little bit of both. Along my trip I found way more homeless people than when I had left three years ago. People had tents in plain sight on the bike trail. Other people were sleeping in bushes and doorways with overhangs. It was crazy…


                                                                                                                                                                                                  artwork by: Sarah

Poetry From the Streets

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By: Gary S.

At the end of the day

my hands tired,

my stomach growling.

Pushing forward

into the cold dark night.

The burning of icicles

hanging from my whiskers.

Breath hot on crooked lips.

Collapsing onto the sidewalk,

my bag thrown to the soft,

welcoming concrete.

Sleep comes at last.


By: William K.

Billions of people under a spell,

without an umbrella

in the midst of mental, physical, and spiritual hell.

While the true origin,

scattered like stars and planets amongst the heavens,

seek to expand from 666 to sevens.

While battling the good fight,

where some of us lose our will,

like the value of a tattered 2 dollar bill.

Hoping to be discovered by the angels of these planes,

that are themselves caught within some

trials of tribulation and pain.

My blood sweat and tears

go out to the possibility

of divine change.

As I secretly devise a plan to rearrange.

Revealing the forgotten keys of ascension,

to the good fallen angels

in bad angels’ detention.

That rest amongst the zombies

in these places of descent ion.

Where they lost focus of those

who need their attention.

To those who are here, I plead

to rise above the physical State,

eat no more of these lies

that have been placed on your plates.

It is within you to return to heavens’ gate.

144,000 angels

to save the woman and mankind

from this evil fate,

of sorrow, and ignorance, belief and Hate.



By: Gary S.

When the sun comes out,

my petals slowly open,

reaching toward the warmth of light.

Feeding me with the glowing radiance of love.

Sky father giving me his smiling joy.

Letting me know that each day as I slowly grow,

Everything is perfect.

My leaves and branches tickling the breeze

as it flows by into eddies of laughter

and currents of springtime.

Soon I will have fruit to give to the world.

Perfect little babies,

carried off to start their own lives.

Lives of joy and love,

reaching each day,

reaching for the sun.



Pitch a Tent

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Pitch a Tent is a public camp out designed to raise awareness about the criminalization of homelessness in Portland and across the nation and the creative solutions that can be implemented immediately to address this human rights crisis.

Each year in Portland, Oregon, the city government permits pitching tents along the Grand Floral Parade route. For 24 hours, the city allows camping in the city, an activity that is criminalized the other 364 days, causing houseless people to seek shelter in doorways, under bridges, and in bushes, in hopes of surviving the rain and cold without shelter.

HOW YOU CAN HELP. Come pitch a tent for the right to survive. Contact your city officials and tell them to support alternative solutions including self-managed rest areas, eco-villages, collective housing, and tent cities. Demand that our city put an end to ordinances that criminalize people for survival activities.

We encourage those who are able to bring extra tents to host houseless folks in need of shelter.

Come join us in solidarity and to enjoy the food and entertainment.

If you are interested in donating for this event or would like to volunteer in any way, feel free to contact us at or call Amber Dunks at 503-496-9934.

As always, thank you for your support of Right 2 Survive!